The Gift

Agustin S.


It was Morley's 40th birthday and Dave wanted to make her the best birthday ever. So he hired people to clean the house and cook the food so Morley wouldn't have to do a thing. So when Morley came back, the house was messy and no food. Then Morley got a call, and it was the guy that was supposed to clean and make the food. The guy said he was all ready, he cleaned the house and made the food Morley said He is in the wrong house. Morley told the right address and he came running to Morley's house , so when he was on his way Dave came and the cleaning guy and Dave clammed together. So the owners of the other house that also were invited to the party. So they said they could have the party at there house. That's what they did.

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Dave is an odd but a good father, he is smart but gets scared of tiny things like one time he was playing with his ring and he realized it got stuck, and started to freak out. But Dave is a good person and a great husband. Morley is a great mother and she has lots of patients with Dave. She is also organized and clean. She is also a great wife.


I think the theme in this story is that no matter how old you are its still fun to have your friends or family celebrate your birthday party. And just have fun and ignore your age. I think its important that people know its your day, its your time to be in the spotlight.

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Personal connections

My personal connection is when my mom was going to be 40 she was sad because she said she was getting old and she didn't want to get old. So me my dad my uncle were going to make a big birthday party. So my dad said we will go all for dinner in this ''fancy" restaurant. So when we got there we had this large table with all of my moms friends and families. And my mom was so happy. I think that was her best party in her life. It was so much fun. And Morley reminds me of my mom in her 40th birthday.

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