Commercial Diver

Job Description

Using Scuba gear, Commercial Divers do a wide variety of underwater tasks, including installing equipment and structures, conducting test or experiments and etc.

A Cool Fact About Commercial Divers

All of their work is underwater.

How Does This Career Benefit Society

It helps them make money. Commercial Divers have to build bridges and they salvage treasure from an ancient shipwreck.

Education Requirement and Skills Needed

You must have a high school diploma, a GED, and a certification through a commercial diving school. You have to be really fit and good mental and physical health.

Personality Needed

You have to know how to swim, be brave, like to be in water for a long time.

Annual Salary or Wages

If you had this job you would get around $45,890 a year.

Projected Job Growth

Much faster than average. (21% or more)

Companies That Hire in This Field

Aqueos, Oceaneering Internationl inc., United states navy