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Transcendent Innovations, Inc. offers Cash rewards for trying trial offers from companies like Blockbuster,Equifax,Gamefly etc,

The offers range in price from FREE to about $12 and you only need to do 1 LEVEL A offer in order to complete the requirements.

You are not required to keep any of the offers past the trial period. You may cancel shortly before the trial ends(for example 2-3 days before the trial ends) and have no further charges or obligation.

After you complete the offer, you refer people to do the same process and you will get paid $250-$580.The money will be paid via PayPal or company check. I highly recommend PayPal payments.

The offer that I recommend is The SURVEY SCOUT offer (Instructional video below)

Once inside the SURVEY SCOUT website you will need to complete an offer.

The offer that I recommend is FREE and it is HULU PLUS (ONLY IF YOU ARE NOT A SUBSCRIBER)

HULU PLUS is a FREE 7 day Trail and you can also use PAYPAL as a payment option.

If you do not have a PAYPAL account you can sign up for one at http://www.paypal.com

Please be sure to watch the SURVEY SCOUT instructional video because completing this offer may be confusing.

If you are a current HULU PLUS subscriber I recommend the Emusic trial which is also a FREE trail.

Please use Mozilla Firefox or Goggle Chrome. Aol and Internet Explorer will not work.

My job is to assist you In getting your required amount of referrals and showing you how the program works. After completing your offer and it has credited we will add you to our Facebook groups were you trade your referral links with others who are also taking advantage of these programs.

If you decide to join us let me know before you begin. I will guide u through the process and answer any questions you may have

Be sure to use instructional videos below

1.Sign up (use Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome Only) and select Referral Account
2.Clear Cookies and Cache. Sign back in
3.Complete the survey scout offer
***Prepaid or Gift Cards Not Permitted***
4.Get credit and refer others to do the same and receive your reward!!

Typically it takes up to 6 hours to receive credit for an offer.

Visit http://www.freetrainngifts.us/ to start today!!

**Be sure to sign up for a Paypal account, This is the fastest form of payment**
Visit http://www.Paypal.Com
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Step 1. How To Register For A Site And Complete The Survey Scout Offer


Make $480,$440,$490 or $580

Make $480 Cash


Make $440 Cash


Make $490 or $580


TRY ZIP NADA ZILCH for daily Cash!

Receive $20 to you Paypal account.

Sign up and complete the Credit Report .Com offer
Get credit and refer others to do the same.
Receive $20 to your Paypal account.

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Contact Me for Assistance

Please Contact Me Before Starting The Program.