Mariah & Charlotte

Fun facts

People love Hawaii's seas and beaches . The pacific ocean meets O'ahu and coral reefs are common habitate's for turtles and other sea creatures . The Grand Wailea Hotel is a very popular place to stay. Hawaii is an island state. It is covered with water falls and green plants. Waikikis is a famous beach. They grow lots of papayas and other fruit on the islands. Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee. Hawaii is the fiftyth state. The people like to wear lots of colorful clothing. Hawaiian people like to do hula dance.
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Hawaii's people come from different backgrounds and like to do different activities. Children like to sing and play games. The Hawaiian people really like to surf and play with boogie boards. People like to swim at Hawaii's beaches and they have hula dancing shows. The people love Hawaii's nature and its plants .
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Polynsians were the first people in Hawaii. They fished and grew food. Polynsians brought sugar cane and banana's . They raised chickens and pigs too. They brought plants and animals. Polynsians came about 1700 years ago. They honored there famous gods - Pele was the god of volcanoes.
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Hawaii was once an independent kingdom. Their flag was designed on eight of its islands. Hawaiians had a friendship with the British. It has it's own time zone. It's named after an island. This is also our nations only island state. They are kind and respectful people. There are under sea valcanoes from long ago and there's good surfing beaches. Hawaii's nickname is the aloha state.
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