Down Syndrome

Lourdes Torres


Down Syndrome is basically a chromosomes defect. It causes intellectual impairment and physical characteristics. It includes short height and a face that doesn't look similar to other people who don't have this disorder.

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What causes this/how does a child acquire it?

Down Syndrome is caused by an error during sexual intercourse. The extra chromosome mainly comes from the female egg only 4% comes from the males sperm. So basically a child acquires it from the mistake their mom and dad made.

Can it be prevented?

No, there is no way this disorder can be prevented. If you are at high risk of Down Syndrome then you should consult your genetics doctor before proceeding into offspring.

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Symptoms and effects of the conditions?

Down Syndrome causes flattened facial features, small head, short neck, and many more. In some cases, developmental milestones occur late. Usually at about twice the age of children without impairment. It is not usual for babies to die if they have this disorder.

How can the condition be detected?

Down Syndrome can be detected if mothers agree too having an amniocentesis done. This procedure, can carry up to a 1% risk of causing a spontaneous miscarriage.

Treatments for Down Syndrome?

Down Syndrome does not have a particular treatment. Help is focused on the child's physical and intellectual needs. But they can receive care from a team of health professionals. They can also go seek help from speech therapists, special educators, and more.


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