Social Structures in Rome

by Tim Thomas and Ben Mischler

Social Classes

Social classes were what divided the people in Rome. There were the Patricians, the higher classes, and the Plebians as the lower classes. If you are wondering how they saw the classes here is a picture.
Big image


With a social class come class interactions. As you probabley know, the slaves were treated like slop, while the sentors were treated like royalty

The Patronage System

The pictures above resemble the partonage system. In Rome there is a system called the Patronage system. It is also referred to as the spoils system. The patronage system is where the winning political party gave jobs, money, and gifts to whoever voted for them.


There were ways to tell what people where in what class in Rome. The people in the higher and more wealthy classes wore nice and better clothes than those in lower classes who had very ratty clothes. You could also tell by the area or houses they lived. Although slaves lived with their master they had a down graded living space.

What class would every day people be in?

Every day people would be in the commons class. Commons are juat free born into roman citizens. They had many rights, mostly to be able to marry and have a kid. Commons moslty had to wear a toga.