Job Reasearch

What Teachers Have To Do To Be Successful

Duties/Responsibilities/What Teachers Should Know/ Job Outlook

A teacher works 1 to 8 grades in a classroom. The teacher and the students always have to do homework. Teachers have to teach the 5 core classes. Teachers have a few students that do bad and they have to talk to there parents. Teachers should know how to teach the five core subjects like Math, Social Studies, Science, Reading, and Language Arts. The job outlook is that teachers will find good employment opportunities.

Conditions/Where They Work/Salary's

Teachers work 36 hours almost every week in a classroom and spends 15 hours grading papers. Teachers have to work nine to ten months in a classroom every year. Most teachers work in a classroom at a public or private school. The salary for a teacher around the world is 35,630 to 83,160 per year.

Why I Chose to be a Teacher

The reason why was because I had lots of family members who had taught and others who are still teaching. When I would be at church and the preachers would preach I would go to a room with a white board and if it had markers I would be lucky. I would pretend to teach a "student" or I would actually teach a person. I was pretty much sure I wanted to teach when I was little. That is why I chose to do my presentation on a teacher because I wanted to learn more about what a teacher gets to do.
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