Orange / Ukranian Revolution

By Brian Shaw

Short Focused Research: Note Taking Guide

Ø The Orange/Ukrainian revolution/rebellion was started over a president (Yushchenki, Viktor) that was in office in 2005-2010. He lost an election in 2004, it was ridden with fraud.

Ø Protesters didn’t respond well to the fraudulent election, which triggered the start of the Orange Revolution.

Ø Protesters were peaceful and weren’t violent in their protesting. Although there was a substantial amount of rioters that caused chaos, such as; tear gas, setting fires to buildings and law enforcement.

Ø Law enforcement were often the ones that triggered the violence.

Ø The other (large) candidate in the election was Viktor Yanukovych.

Ø Viktor Yushchenko was poisoned during the riots, he survived but with skin defects and damage.

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Viktor Yushchenko before & after.