Lady Colts Athletics

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12-2-15 Meet a Andy Brown- alternate route

Wow.... what a night. The sun was out and was pretty nice until about 5:00. Then it became a little cold in the shade. Then to top it off, we had to wait for the bus due to traffic to go home.

8th grade CC results for 12-2-15 at Andy Brown

8th grade Team standings

1st Carroll 29 points

2nd Coppell North 41points

3rd Colleyville 54 points

4th Heritage 118 points

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7th grade CC results 12-2-15 at Andy Brown

7th grade Team standings

1st Coppell North 18 points

2nd Carroll 55 points

3rd Colleyville 56 points

4th Heritge 113 points

Tuesday's Meet is at CHHS

Tuesday, Dec. 8th, 4pm

5401 Heritage Avenue

Colleyville, TX

order of races:
8th Grade A Girls

8th Grade A Boys

8th Grade B Girls

8th Grade B Boys

7th Grade A Girls

7th Grade A Boys

7th Grade B Girls

7th Grade B Boys

8th grade Course at CHHS

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7th grade course at CHHS

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Saturday's Cross Country meet at Bob Jones

Saturday, Dec. 12th, 9am

3901 North White Chapel Boulevard

Southlake, TX


Races will be run in the following order:

1. 7th Grade A & B Girls 1.5 miles

2. 7th Grade A & B Boys 1.5 miles

3. 8th Grade A & B Girls 2 miles

4. 8th Grade A & B Boys 2 miles


7th grade Basketball vs Coppell East

A team - 18 to 38 (East won)

B team - 25 to 13 (East won)

C team - 12 to 15 (East won)

8th grade Basketball vs Coppell East

A Team won 36-35

B Team loss 21-25

C Team own 18-14

Player of the Games

7th A team Jacsyn Clark

7th B team Jori Wallace

7th C team Lilly Johnson

8th A team Mary Irion

8th A team Dash MacMillian

8th B team Avery Cimperman

8th C team Sandra Hanna

Next Basketball at CTMS

Thursday, Dec. 10th, 5pm

2301 Pool Road

Grapevine, TX

first game starts at 5