Sanford Jornal

Drinks, Food, and Great Discussion!

Join Staff and Authors of the Sanford Journal to Celebrate the Release of Volume 4

Join us for food, drinks, and thoughtful discussion featuring authors John Papazian and Jonathan Kelley with guest professor Carol Spruill, J.D.


Launch Party

Thursday, April 25th 2013 at 6pm

Sanford Commons

Sanford Journal Volume 4

“F” is for Foreclosed: The Effects of the Housing Crash on NC Student Achievement

Walker Swain

Incentivizing Responsible Small-Dollar Lending in Low-Income Communities

Megha Bansal

Negotiating Online Privacy Boundaries: Self-Revelation in the Facebook Generation

Katherine Bies

Recommendations for Migrant Labor Reform in Qatar: Fulfilling a U.S. Foreign Policy Objective of Greater Respect for Human Rights In Gulf Cooperation Council Countries

Kharmika Tillery

Gideon’s Bullhorn: Sounding a Louder, Clearer Call for a Civil Right to Counsel

Jonathan Kelley

The Lens of Law Enforcement: A Geospatial Statistical Program Evaluation of Denver’s HALO Camera Surveillance System

John Papazian