Ms. Sallie's Counselor Connection

January 2023

Welcoming In The New Year

Greetings LME Families,

I hope your family was able to spend quality time together during winter break and that it brought you peace, relaxation, and joy. 2023 has begun and we are excited to bring in the new year with a mindset of hope and optimism. Students and staff have returned to class with renewed energy for learning and friendship. My sincere wish is for all our student's and staff to shed the heaviness and stress of the last few years and emerge lighter like a blazing phoenix that has risen and is boldly ready to take on whatever lies ahead.

The book pictured below is one I recommend for any child that has endured hardships and persevered.


Ms. Sallie

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January Counselor Lessons

This month we will be focusing on perspective taking and respecting diversity. Our schoolwide character trait of the month is Tolerance in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Our counseling lessons will focus on the topics of diversity, respect, kindness, and tolerance. Students will learn about perspective taking and speaking up in support for others that may be experiencing discrimination or bullying. Our shared mission and vision at LME is that all students feel welcome, included, and safe.

The book shown below is one I like to use with students to teach the topic of Tolerance.

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Character Trait of Tolerance

Check out resources for our character trait of the month here!

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Student Wellness Challenge for January

It is a new year! Out with the old and in with the new! It is time to take action, clean up, and get organized. This month we are challenging students to declutter and organize their space.

Your child will feel happier and less stressed in a newly organized and tidy space. They will be able to find what they are looking for which will prevent stressful moments in the future. Kids who practice keeping spaces tidy are shown to be happier, feel more control and independence, and feel energized. Keeping a clean space also improves decision-making, prevents illness, promotes hygiene, and it is likely they will use this self-care regulation strategy in the future!

Encourage your child to clean their room or clean out their backpack. This not only teaches them a lifelong habit of staying organized but provides them with a way to self-regulate and renew their energy! So pick a space with your child and practice this skill together.

If this feels overwhelming and causes stress while you are starting out, please be reassured that modeling how to break this task down into steps is key.

Step 1 - Set the mood - play some energizing music to help motivate everyone!

Step 2 - Pick a zone - an entire room can seem too much but focusing on one zone makes it manageable.

Step 3 - Larger objects first then work your way down to the small items.

Step 4 - Make piles for trash, needs sorted, and donate

Step 5 - Storage bins or ziploc baggies are great for helping maintain organization

Step 6 - vacuuming, dusting, and fresh new linens for beds.

Helping kids part with items that are to be donated:

Letting go of items will make room for new items! This can be hard if your child is particularly attached so helping them visualize what could come later is key:

Example: " Your dollhouse is taking up most of your floor space right now and if we donated it to someone who will play with it often, then we would have room for that horse barn you have been asking for".

Or setting a goal on how much you would like to donate as a family can help too.

Example: "lets have a goal to fill this one sack up for donations by the time we are done."

Encouraging your child to donate clothing that does not fit anymore or gently used toys that they do not play with anymore is a great way to downsize and give back to the community. Consider donating to the following places: Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, Love Inc, Skagit Gleaners, Friendship House, Bargain's Galore, and local church groups.

Community Resources

Click here for resources for housing, food, clothing, childcare, and mental health counseling