Two new games from Kodu !

Abosolutley Free !

Game 1...Collection

A simple game controlled by your arrow's on your keyboard and the space bar to jump. The aim of the game is to collect the coins for points;up to ten . Remember to get them all !This game is for 6+ children;both males and females.It can be enjoyed both on a xbox and online.Kodu has been developed so it is safe to use for children.

Launched on the 23 of april 2013

Game 2...Pretty pink princess

This game is aimed at 6+ children was aimed at girls but could still be enjoyed by boys.Again all you need to use is the arrows and space keys.Avoid hitting the robots or die,watch out as they will wonder after you.Go from the purple land get the coins and then make your way over the bridge to the pink land get the coins ;watch out for the bullets then bounce over to the green and win the game dont fall off!Collecvt all 10 points.

Scarlet Game Development