New planet, New animal

fascinating "Hammerhead Titanothere"

New creature discovered on Pandora

This creature is a large dinosaur like animal which roams the island of Pandora and founded by marine Jake Sully. He stumbled upon this creature while he was first exploring the island. It is twice the size of an elephant. This six-legged animal groups of 10 to 20. The Hammerhead Titanothere is mainly blue with gray and light brown legs. When angered, (which is quite often) the Titanothere will lower its head and charge at the perceived threat. This animal is strictly a herbivorous creature.
The imposing hammerhead structure is formed of cartilage rather than bone. It can also bend to allow the animal to pass through the restricted spaces which an inexperienced young hammerhead might encounter. As it matures, the structure becomes solid bone.