GHS October Newsletter

October 2022


OK2SAY is a great tool that students, parents, and community members can use to help make sure our school remains a safe and welcoming learning environment for all students. If you are ever concerned about an issue and are unsure of who to contact, you can contact Mr. Hodges, Mr. Stefanski, Mr. Wilson or any other school staff member. However, if you can also use OK2SAY to ensure law enforcement and school personal receive the message.

You can learn more about OK2SAY at

To submit a tip, you can call 855-565-2729, text 652729 (OK2SAY), email, or download the smartphone app.

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GHS Senior Photos and Quotes List of Requirements

Your photo must be submitted in a jpg.file. You can also submit a hard copy photo.

Your photo must be saved as Last, First.jpg (eg. Patterson, Katelyn).

Your photo must be submitted via email to and emailed as an attachment.

If you are submitting a hard copy, do not write your name on the back; submit it in an envelope with your name on the front of the envelope.

Your photo must be saved at least 300dpi. This ensures high quality. We will not fix photos that are too low in dpi. They will show up blurry, grainy, pixilated, or not fit in the box.

No weapons or other people are allowed in the photo.

Submit your photos as early as possible so that if there are any issues, you have time to resubmit a photo that meets the standards. If you wait until the last minute, we will have no option but to use your ID photo.

6. If you are not getting pictures taken, Yearbook is willing to take your photo to use instead of the school ID photo. If you did not get your ID photo taken and do not plan on getting pictures taken, it is your responsibility to make arrangements with Yearbook to get one taken. If you do not, then you will not be featured in the senior section.

Seniors will only be featured in the senior section once—your graduation year. If you do not graduate on time, then you will not be featured again in the next year’s edition.

Your photo is preferred in color; however, you may submit a black and white photo.

Senior Quotes need to be school appropriate. Mrs. Romel can and will veto quotes that are not appropriate.

Photos and quotes for the senior section are due February 25th.

If your photo and/or quote do not meet the standards, it/they will not be accepted into the Yearbook. The Yearbook Adviser has the final say in determining appropriateness of photos and quotes.

Senior Yearbook Ads

GHS would like to offer you a great opportunity to buy a personal ad for the 2022/2023 yearbook. Along with the picture(s), you may include quotes and/or congratulatory messages to your senior(s). Not only will your ad help finance the yearbook itself, but it will also give you, or your family, the chance to show your senior(s) how proud you are of their success, and how much they have grown. This can be a baby picture, group picture, or another senior picture. If you have questions email Hannah Romel at the address below.

*You can order your senior ad online at

*You can also order yearbooks and have them shipped to you at

*You can order via the attached form if you don’t want to order online

*Physical pictures can be scanned and returned to the students or send a digital picture via email to

*Checks can be made out to Gaylord High School Yearbook and dropped off at the GHS Office RE: Hannah Romel


2 block horizontal ( 2 business cards): $50 (6 “ X 1.7”)

2 block vertical (2 business cards) : $50 (3” X #.75”)

1 block ( 1 business card) : $30 (1.5” X 2.75”)

Thank you!

College and Career Events

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NCMC College Fair

Michigan Student Aid Information

Talent Show

Please join us at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, October 18th for the talent show. Tickets cost $5, and will be available at the door.

Drama Club

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Watch for more information in the coming weeks about drama club's upcoming production, The Play That Goes Wrong, running at GHS November 3rd-6th.

Important Dates

October 18th: Talent Show, 7:00 PM

October 28th: No School

November 3rd-6th: Drama Club Play

End of Quarter 1: November 3rd