Key People and Locations

Andre Breton, Salvador Dali, Andre Masson, Hans Arp, Max Ernst, and Sigmund Freud.

Surrealism evolved from Dadaism therefore took place in Europe,beginning in Paris.

What is Surrealism and what does it Represent?

Surrealism evolved from Dadaism and there are two kinds, Abstract and Representation. Representational focuses on the exact details of objects while Abstract focuses on showing objects in different or abstract light. The art in this period relied on recurring motifs in the unconscious of artists, at its base, the imagery is meant to be visually jolting and outlandish to remove comforting assumptions about the artists.

Important Facts

1) Surrealism evolved from from the Dada movement of 'anti art',

2)Surrealism started off as a literary movement but later became an art movement.

3)There was a group in Paris that focused on Surrealism,this group was well known for the adaptation of written ideas into art (kind of like a club).

Owen Tysinger and Walker Schaeffer