who is tim Berners Lee

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Sir Timothy John "Tim" Berners-Lee, (born 8 June 1955), also known as "TimBL", is an English computer scientist known as the inventor of the World Wide Web. He made a proposal information management system in March 1989, and on 25 December 1990, with the help of Robert Cailliau and a young student at CERN, he implemented the first successful communication between a Hypertext Transfer Protocol client and server via the Internet.

what he did

Berners-Lee is the director of the World Wide Web , which oversees the Web's continued development. He is also the founder of the World Wide Web Foundation, and is a senior researcher and holder of the Founders Chair at the MIT Computer Science and Artificia Intelligence Laboratory. He is a director of the Web Science Research Initiative ,and a member of the advisory board of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence.