Sequoia Monday Memo

Week of October 12, 2015

College Readiness Month

October is college readiness month. This month is a great opportunity to focus on college and college readiness. The earlier that conversation starts, the more of an impact the message has later. I would love to have a door contest. The class that has the best door will win a 50 dollar Target gift certificate. The only rule is that it must be decorated primarily with student work, and must have a writing focus. I would also like us to wear college shirts on Friday during the month.

Week at a Glance

Monday: 3:15-4:15 Staff Meeting

Wednesday: 2:15-3:15 PD - SMARTe Goals (Continued)

Thursday: All Day Principal PD (Donald out of the building)

Thursday: Mandatory Reporting Training Due

Friday: Buyback Day (Breakfast and lunch provided)


4th and 5th Grade: For starting Student Council. This is a great way of helping build leadership in our students.

Angelina: For getting 100% on our immunizations! All students are up to date on their shots and we are ready when the state comes for our audit.

Nina, Mason, and Nick: For getting testing done, and IEPs scheduled as fast as possible.

Cathy and Mr. Chan: For helping to get the cafeteria situation under control. Music Friday was a HUGE hit with the kids. We never would have been able to do that without your support.


Please remember you MUST have your attendance in the system ASAP. It is an expectation that you do your attendance as early as possible. Make it a priority to get your attendance into the system. It is a safety, liability, and monetary issue if we don't have attendance done on time and correctly. The district will be launching a new incentive program for student attendance with prizes for individual students, and schools.

Time Sheets

Many people are not signing time sheets. The district requires that everyone sign a daily time sheet, as well as the 2-week sheet. Please make sure if you have not signed sheets, that you make sure Angelina is aware. The sheets are always in the office.


Remember that a copy of your Farm Out List, Class Schedule, and Emergency Lesson Plans are due in your Google Folder this week.

PBIS Conference

As a school that is interested in being part of the PBIS Cohort next year, we have been invited to the PBIS Conference in Seattle. It is in November. We can take 3 teachers, that would take the lead in helping to develop PBIS Structures next year. If you are interested, please let me know. I will find out the details this week.