Happy New Year!

WRHS January 2021

Welcome to Semester 2!

The WRHS Administration Team and Corporal Keys hope that everyone had an amazing, healthy, and relaxing winter break. Our administration team has changed a little this semester. Mrs. Jarke has joined the Pasco eSchool Administration team and we wish her the best of luck. We have Mrs. Packard joining us and she will be taking over the 9the grade class, we are excited to have her join our team!

Principal: Mrs. White

12th Grade Assistant Principal: Ms. Vergne

11th Grade Assistant Principal: Mrs. Jack

10th Grade Assistant Principal: Mrs. Rankin

9th Grade Assistant Principal: Mrs. Packard

Advanced Placement Principal: Mrs. Taylor

School Resource Officer: Corporal Keys

Students return 1/6/2020

Here is a link to the student calendar. Early release days are back this year and the 1st one is January 13th, we will dismiss at 12:08, the early release schedule is posted here. The end of Quarter 3 is March 12th and leads right into spring break.
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MySchool Online Computer Distrubution

Device Check out Form: 2020-2021 MySchool Online Device Check-Out Form

Once you complete this form, be looking for an e-mail to the parent guardian e-mail that you submitted. You will receive an email to the parent email that is submitted on the form with a dedicated time window to pick up your device. You will need to come during your assigned time in order for WRHS to follow CDC guidelines. We will process this as quickly as we can. For high school students, Pasco County has allowed students to pick up their own device without a parent present, however, communication will be sent to the parent email about the set time for pick up. Please bring an ID and a pen.

Announcement about eSchool listed on MySchool Online Schedules

If you see an eSchool placeholder on your schedule. You will need to go to Pasco eSchool school and sign up for the course that you are missing in your schedule. When you sign up, please select January 12th for your start date. Here is the link to the Pasco eSchool registration page.

Reminders for MySchool Online Students

Classes will be updated in your MyLearning after midnight Tuesday night. Students should check out their official schedule on their MyLearning to determine their classes. This will be your official schedule.

All MySchool Online classes will be provided remotely via MyLearning. Students should access their MyPasco Connect and look for the “MyLearning” Icon. Click on the icon and it will take you to your Canvas dashboard where your courses will be displayed. You MUST follow the standard school schedule and bell times. You will follow your schedule online following the WRHS bell schedule, just as if you were on campus.

MySchool Online students are required to login into each of their classes and participate in them fully during the period they are scheduled, your camera should be on unless otherwise directed by your instructor. Logging in at your scheduled time every day is required unless your teacher provides alternative instructions. Teachers will monitor attendance and students will be marked absent if they do not participate in their classes and follow the instructions of their teacher(s). Please pay attention to the requirements of each class as some teachers might have you logging on to a Zoom, or some may have you complete a “Do Now” to start your class.

Attendance online is mandatory. You will not be able to complete the class assignments on your own schedule. Students will need access to an electronic device with a camera and the internet.

Instruction is provided remotely and students will have access to their teachers during the regular school day hours following the bell schedule for each period. Students who are participating in MySchool Online will have a lunch period in their schedule. Students will not need to participate in any class during their lunch period, this serves as a break in the day for students to eat lunch or complete any choice activities (stretching, walking, studying, etc.) at home.

For our MySchool Online students, our teachers are putting their zoom links on the home page of Canvas/MyLearning or in their announcements for students to access online courses. Also, visit the announcement page of your classes daily to see if there is anything new. At any time you need assistance, reach out to your teacher immediately. Students will click on the zoom link to access their teacher's live lessons. Remember you are following the school’s bell schedule.

Information for Traditional On Campus Students

Log onto MyStudent tonight and take a screenshot of your schedule. This is the schedule you will follow when you get to school. You will have a new official schedule ready for you in your first period. Arrive to school no earlier than 7 am. You have two options upon arrival:

  • Pick up breakfast in the cafeteria and go directly to 1st period to eat, or
  • Don’t pick up breakfast, and just head straight to 1st period.

Please note that no congregating or hanging out is permitted anywhere on campus due to continued efforts to social distance and keep our campus healthy. All students must immediately report to class as soon as they enter our campus. During the passing time students must also go directly to class without congregating. Breakfast and/or lunch are being provided free of charge through the end of this school year. Face masks must be in place before exiting your car/bus and during all times while on campus.

Students that are unsure of their 1st period should check the posted lists located in each learning community commons area, cafeteria, gym, media center, and student services for their 1st-period class. The list will have the student’s name and 1st-period classroom. Students will receive a copy of their official schedule in their 1st-period class.

MSOL Students returning to campus need to return checked-out devices

If you were a MSOL Student for semester 1 and you are returning to the traditional learning model on campus, you MUST return any borrowed devices to the Main Office no later than Friday January 8th. Thank You!

Semester 2 Schedules

There are no schedule changes for semester 2. Please let your first-period teacher know if your semester 2 schedule has a course that you have already completed or if you have a missing class period. Your teacher will provide you with instructions to follow.

Student Official Communication

All Students will need to know how to access their Pasco County Schools email account

As of the 2020-2021 school year, all students will receive their MyLearning announcements, Office 365 notifications, etc. through their Pasco County Schools student email account (123456@student.pasco.k12.fl.us) which is located in MyPascoConnect/Office 365/Outlook.

Click Accessing Outlook Through Office 365 for step-by-step directions.

Mask Requirements on campus at ALL times

  • Remember, COVID-19 is primarily transmitted through speaking, coughing, or sneezing.
  • The face covering must cover your nose and mouth completely.
  • A face covering is required on all school buses, in all District buildings, in all school buildings and during all school-sponsored events and activities. This requirement is applicable to all students and to all employees, parents, and visitors entering the buildings and/or attending a school event. Athletes will be encouraged, but not required to wear face coverings during practice and play.
  • Everyone is responsible for supplying their own face coverings. School buildings will be stocked with a limited number of disposable face masks for emergency situations only.
  • The face covering should be put on upon arrival at any school or District building before exiting your vehicle in the parking lot. Face coverings must be worn on the bus.
  • The face covering must remain in place while inside all buildings, including as you walk into the school or district building, when working in or walking through common areas such as hallways, stairways, and elevators, and whenever you are in any room, including classrooms, or enclosed area where people are present.
  • Face covering may be removed outdoors where social distances of 6 feet is possible, when in a room alone with the door closed, and at the end of the day after exiting the building. Those students taking a bus must keep the mask in place until they have exited the bus.
  • · Since eating and drinking with a face covering in place is not possible, it can be removed during meal or snack times. Social distancing of at least 6 feet is still recommended during these times.
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Daily Screeners

Parents, we are counting on you to screen your student for illness every morning before you send them off to school. The district will NOT be providing a DAILY health screening for either students or staff.

Use this Link to access a Student Screener.

  • Students exhibiting any of the following symptoms should remain home and not attend school:

    • Fever (greater than 100.4);

    • Sore throat;

    • New uncontrolled cough, that causes difficulty breathing (for students with chronic allergic/ asthmatic cough, a change in their cough from baseline);

    • Diarrhea, vomiting or abdominal pain;

    • New onset of severe headache, especially with a fever. ***

    • Other symptoms listed by the CDC include chills, fatigue/muscle or body ache, new loss of taste or smell, and congestion or runny nose. Many children have very mild or no signs or symptoms of illness.

    • If you still have questions about when to seek emergency medical attention.

  • Expectations for Picking up Ill Students: Parents if your student becomes ill while at school, you will need to have a plan for timely pick up. The CDC states that in developing plans for placing students with symptoms in an isolation area, schools should be mindful of appropriate safeguards to ensure that students are isolated in a non-threatening manner, within the line of sight of adults, and for very short periods of time.

Other Considerations:

  • It will be important for families to emphasize and model healthy behaviors at home and to talk to their students about changes to expect this school year (social distancing, face coverings, hand hygiene). Consider using this checklist for families to prepare for in-person education.

Visitor Screener Link

Upcoming Testing Information

The Spring is full of opportunities for students to demonstrate just how much they have learned. Juniors and Seniors who do not yet have a passing score on the FSA ELA (the reading and writing high school graduation requirement) will be able to take the FSA ELA in February. Juniors and Seniors who have not yet met the Algebra 1 EOC requirement or the FSA ELA requirement will be allowed to sign up for the Non-College Reporting ACT in March. This test cannot be used for scholarships or college entrance (because extended time is provided), but is able to be used as a concordant score to meet the graduation requirements of the FSA ELA or the Algebra 1 EOC. ALL JUNIORS will take the SAT on March 24th during the regular school day on the WRHS campus. There is no need to sign up for this test, the school will automatically do this for all juniors. All sophomores and freshmen will take the FSA ELA Writing on one of the dates listed below by grade level. If you have ANY questions, please reach out to Tammy Williams at twilliam@pasco.k12.fl.us or 813-346-6000.

2/23 -2/25 FSA ELA Retakes

3/2 Non-College Reporting ACT (select juniors and seniors only)

3/4 -3/5 Algebra 1 EOC Retakes

3/8 – 3/10 Make-Up FSA ELA Retakes

3/24 SAT School Day (Juniors Only)

4/6, 4/8, or 4/9 FSA ELA Writing (All 10th Graders)

4/13,4/14, or 4/15 FSA ELA Writing (All 9th Graders)

4/19 or 4/20 Make-Up FSA ELA Writing

How to Report an Absence

Absences can be reported by going to the front page of our website and clicking on the Report an absence button and also at the link below.

Report and Absence

Do you need a Parent Account in myStudent?

Link to a video that will guide you in setting up a Parent Account.

Click Here

Link to a PDF with step by step instructions

Click Here

Did someone "Take Charge" on Campus?

PBIS Shout Out Nomination

Recognize a student, faculty, and staff member that supports and displays POSITIVE BEHAVIORS on campus through their actions and academics. CLICK HERE to access the nomination form.

Information for spectators at sporting events and audiences at fine arts performance

After consultation with local health officials and in an effort to find a compromise to allow spectators at sporting events and audiences at fine arts performances, the following revised guidelines regarding spectators at extracurricular and co-curricular activities will be in place effective Tuesday, December 1, 2020:

· No more than two (2) individuals per any student participating in the co-curricular or extracurricular activity will be allowed to watch the event in person.

· Strict social distancing will be observed and enforced.

· Strict guidelines will be enforced requiring masks to be worn at all times during indoor events. At outdoor events, masks must be worn when entering the event, and the masks may be removed when seated.

· Masks/face coverings are not required for student performers during rehearsals or performances as long as social distancing guidelines are being followed.

Individuals not complying with these guidelines will be required to leave the event.

SADD is proud to announce its first PLASMA drive fundraiser

SADD is proud to announce its first PLASMA drive fundraiser. The SADD chapter at Wiregrass Ranch High School has always worked with our students and surrounding communities, striving to help everyone make better choices in their lives. Our ultimate goal to make a difference and this event does just that. Our motto is, “How to Save a Life”! What better way to do so than to partake in this drive!

Click Here for more information

News from our College Career Specialist Mrs. Kristine Hensley

Upcoming Dates:

1/8/2021- Learn about Volunteering for Pasco Animal Services (zoom) 1:00pm-2:08pm—3-108A/3-104

1/12/2021-Presentation-“Thinking about Joining the Military?”-media center-6th and 7th periods

1/14/2021- PERT Math for ALG EOC Concordant Score (select Seniors) 8:00am-11:00am--3-108A/3-104

1/15/2021- Virtual Tour /Presentation with Saint Leo University (zoom)- 1:00pm-2:08pm—3-108A/3-104

1/28/2021-ASVAB Test-8:00 am--3-108A/3-104

Peer Tutoring for PERT Math and ASVAB (other courses if tutors available ) will begin the week of 1/11/2021. We will not exceed capacity in 3-104 and follow social distancing guidelines, we will also have students zoom with online students if needed. Please email Mrs. Hensley if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity. khensley@pasco.k12.fl.us

Combatting Covid-19 at Wiregrass

Please enjoy this quick video, CLICK HERE, for some reminders of procedures at WRHS. This video was created by the WRHS Stampede, our school's digital newspaper. Please visit their website for some amazing student work: The Stampede

Free SmartThinking Tutoring Available in Most Canvas Courses!

If you need a little extra help while you’re not in school, or even if you just need extra help with your courses, Smarthinking provides anytime, anywhere access to academic help for secondary students (not elementary) through remote tutoring sessions with experts in more than 150 subjects. Go to Smarthinking to get started.

Look for the tab on the left on your course screen in MyLearning/Canvas that says "SmartThinking Online Tutoring." (see picture for a visual)

Dual Enrollment Textbook Spring Pick-Up

Dual Enrollment spring textbook pick-up begins next week. Please visit the website and share the textbook information with your counselors and families via your website, social media, etc.