Boba Tea for Free

Whats better then Boba Tea for free ?

Boba Tea

Here at Boba Tea for Free, we offer great deals for people of all ages. Come and have a drink, bring your friends and family to enjoy some deserts, drinks and fun games. Here are a variety of drinks and desserts that we offer the many people enjoy.

Deals and Discounts

All drink are $4.25, Buy 2 Drinks and get 1 FREE.

Kids 10 Years and Younger get half off on everything.

Free prizes for every 200 customers.

Experience - Training

I've worked in the customer service field over 15 years and know how to deal with all types of people. I've own businesses in past and have over 10 years of business experience.

I live in San Jose, Ca and work in the Santa Clara County. I specialize in working with other people.

Open 7 days a week, From 10am-2am

Contact info:

Twitter: Boba_tea_for_free

Contact Number: 408-694-0122

GRAND OPENING on June 24, 2015

5435 Tully Rd, San Jose Ca

Customers Review

"This is David,

I've been to this Boba Place for a few weeks now and they have wonderful discounts and great customer service."

Customer Review

"I first found this place through my friend, When I order a drink, the workers were so happy and helpful. I love the people that work there but the desserts and drinks are the best I have tasted."