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January 11, 2016

Important Dates

  • January 12: APTT Night - Kindergarten & 1st Grade
  • January 13: APTT Night - 2nd Grade & 3rd Grade
  • January 14: APTT Night - 4th Grade & 5th Grade
  • January 18: MLK Day - NO SCHOOL :)
  • January 19: ACCESS window opens
  • January 20: Faculty Meeting
  • January 22-24: Midway Mountain Retreat!!!!
  • January 25-February 5: Professional Learning Rotation
  • February 6: EdCamp at Lambert HS
  • February 8-11: Grades 2-5 Post-Interim Window
  • February 12 & 15: Staff & Student Holiday - No School!
  • February 16: Professional Development Day - No Students
  • February 18: Oratorical Contest for 5th Graders

From Daisy's Desk: APTT Reminders

  • Wear your blue APTT shirts and jeans on the day of your APTT meeting!
  • Let me know (Daisy) if you want to review or practice your presentation or have questions!

  • The teacher with the highest percentage of parents attend will get an extra recess/planning!

  • Have students wear the APTT sticker home on the day of your APTT meeting!

  • We will let parents back to classrooms at approx 6:25
  • Your or your partner should greet parents in the hallway at a desk making sure parents sign in on the roster I gave you. Don't forget to give them 1 red ticket (per family) – they should write their name and phone number on the back of the ticket
  • Please have parents hang on to their ticket until approx 7:40 when your partner can collect them
  • At 7:45 we will announce the winner of the tablet over the intercom – please let parents know that is when we will announce winner – they must be present. ( this is a change from what I said in our work session)
  • There should be no children that walk in your classrooms (we will try to catch everyone as they come in)

From School Safety

This is a reminder that all staff are required to wear your FCSS staff ID badge & have it displayed at all times! In the event of a crisis, the badge is your only identification for first responders.

EdCamp Forsyth

EdCamp Forsyth is a half-day, professional development opportunity to learn from and share with your classroom peers. EdCamp Forsyth is an unconference - there is no preset agenda, no vendors, no calls for proposals. The discussion topics are set by the participants themselves at the beginning of the day, and knowledgeable participants serve as their own facilitators in the breakout sessions.

There aren't many rules, but there is one important one: the Rule of Two Feet. If you're in a session and you're not getting something worthwhile - or you feel like you're not contributing - feel free to use your two feet to go to another session. All session information - topics, room locations, etc. - will be hosted online, so you can easily figure out where to go next.

Interested? Want more info? Check out our About page for where and when, and make sure to Register!

GA Milestones

The administration dates have changed for the GA Milestone in April. Testing will now begin on April 14th. Here is the revised schedule. *schedule is saved as a Google Doc, so when you click on the link, it might ask you to log in to itslearning-make sure you aren't logged into your personal Gmail account :)

We have also changed the faculty meeting and IST/DATA team meeting dates in March to allow for staff training. Here is the revised Midway Meetings calendar.

EOG Content Weights:

Information regarding online testing: Students with read aloud accommodations as well as all of 4th grade will test online. This link is the practice site for online testing. Please watch the tutorial & make sure your students are familiar with the testing format.

Parent information to add to itslearning:

-Here is a parent Q & A Brochure:

-The DOE website....if you have very curious parents, you could direct them to this page to reference EOG materials:

Partner in Ed Spotlight:

Barnes & Noble at The Collection Forsyth

Saturday January 9th through Sunday January 17th we’ve created a special time of shopping, savings and personalized service just for educators.

· We invite you to take advantage of a 25%* discount on most books, toys & games, music, movies and 10% discount on café consumables! We are also offering 10% off on all Nook Tablets and eReaders!

· Come in and check out the wide array of products in our stores, enjoy some coffee, personalized shopping help and that 25% discount!

· We will also have an Open House/Reception for Educators to receive giveaways and teachers guides for the classroom. A meet and greet to talk about Book Fairs, My Favorite Teacher Contest and upcoming events. This is will be Thursday January 14th at 5:00pm to 6:00pm.

· We will also be hosting an exciting demonstration of products from our Mini-Maker Faire from November. This is ideal for any STEM teachers or anybody interested in the Maker movement sweeping the nation. Thursday January 14th at 5:00pm to 6:00pm.

Lollipop Moments

~Thank you to Jeannie Lacy for all the behind scenes work you do for your students and your positive attitude!

~Thank you to David Krosner for installing iStation all over the building!

~Thank you to Allis Fox for assisting with the smooth front desk transition!

~Todd & Jan send Kudos to Daisy Tremps & Jen Emmert for their preparations for APTT!

- - We are ONE Midway! - -