Our digital Learning environment

Student choice, flexible pacing & depth, driven by tech

Back to the Future - Last Scene

Our school day

  • Flexible - different hours
  • Workshops - Student sign up, interactive
  • Real life connection to a bigger purpose
  • Work sessions
  • On-line - interactive
  • Digital training
  • Built in tutoring

Physical lay-out

  • large area to work
  • small work stations areas
  • No walls
  • Mobile furniture
  • technology in the hallway
  • lounge areas
  • areas for on-line courses

Student learning

  • Students learn basics
  • Teach by concept not by grade
  • students have the options of finding ways they like to learn
  • Students are given flex pacing - individualized learning plans
  • Students go deeper into concepts they are interested in
  • Work force skills/college
  • Interdisciplinary lessons
  • report of progress - student accountability

Student teacher ratio

  • 1 to 15 or less
  • many managing together


  • one to world technology
  • community offers wifi to all
  • access everywhere: hallways, print access
  • Technology etiquette/protocol

Leadership Roles

  • opportunities for growth
  • clear definition of effective teaching in this environment
  • ability for deciding the area of growth
  • what do online lessons look like
  • need to see what works and what doesn't work