Stay at Home Dads and United States

As Seen Through The Three Sociological Perspectives

Increase In Stay At Home Dads

Stay at home dads have increased by numbers in recent years. People are used to Dads being the bread winners but now many dads are staying home with children. More and More dads are not working and letting moms go out to work.
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Functionalism and Gender

Functionalist argue that any pattern of behavior that does not benefit society will become unimportant. According to Functionalism the division of labor is based on males and females surviving because it benefited human living.

Functionalism and Stay at Home Dads

Functionalist would say that this is a division a labor and it is a good hing men are helping the mothers by letting them go to work. Functionalist believe that older ways of doing s have caused problems for the modern society. They also would say that with men staying home its breaking traditional gender roles because women are expected to perform household task.
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Conflict Theory and Gender

According to conflict theory it is to the men's advantage to prevent women from gaining access to political, economic and social resources. Conflict theorist also see traditional roles as outdated and not appropriate for postindustrial or industrial era.Also women are moving into traditional male roles in businesses in greater numbers.

Conflict Theory and Stay at Home Dads

Conflict Theorist would say this is a different way of doing things and it could possibly be a good thing. For years and years men have been the head of the households and women were forced to stay at home with the children, Now you see more men staying home with children because women are finally getting the opportunity to have higher status jobs.
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Symbolic Interactionism and Gender

Symbolic Interactionism focus on how boys and girls learn to act the way they are "supposed to act". Gender is acquired in large part from interaction with parents, teachers, and peers.

Symbolic Interactionism and Stay at Home Dads

Symbolic Interactionaist would say that men should be the ones going to work and women staying home with the children. They feel as if women have the ability to teach children how to be girls and boys. Symbolic Interactionist also say that parents play an important role in gender socialization and how boys ang girls should behave.
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