What's Happening This Week

Staff Information April 29

Events This Week

Tuesday April 30th

  • Round One Positions Awarded Today
  • Division 6/7/8 to Brittania Mines

Wednesday May 1st

  • Photo Day including Class Photos, Teams, Panorama and Staff
  • App Lunch in the Library
  • SEA Meeting 7:45 a.m.
  • Choir to Fleetwood Villa in the p.m.

Thursday May 2nd

  • Fire Drill time TBA
  • Spring Interim Reports Out

Friday May 3rd

  • Non Instructional Day

LIF Funds Update

The Learning Improvement Fund proposal for Coyote Creek has been submitted to the board. I'd like to thank everyone for their active participation in the process and as soon as I hear something, I'll be sure to let people know, so we can discuss next steps depending on what has been approved.

Our proposal included:

1) an extra day for CCW time;

2) a full time LIF teacher who would focus on early literacy and servicing the high number of LST students in Grade 7.