E-Commerce Jobs

By: Chloe Cooper

Real Job Posting:

1. Manager of Digital Marketing:

- Responsible for the ownership of our organization’s SEM, social advertising, and digital marketing strategy, digital marketing team management and all associated testing, reporting and analytic.

- Average salary is $66,033 per year.

- Bachelor's Degree.

- 7+​ to 10 Years of work experience.

2. E-Commerce Marketing Manager:

- responsible for driving strategy of the overall content and product information management.

- Average salary is $86,414 per year.

- Bachelor's Degree.

- 5+​ to 7 Years of work experience.

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Netrepreneur Jobs:

1. Posting Products on Etsy:

- You are post the products you make and chose a price for them. You are in charge of marketing for them, so it's basically like having a business but easier and cheaper.

- Your salary depends on what type of products you sell, if they are popular, and how much you price your products at.

- you don't need any degree or previous experience.

2. Creating a YouTube:

- You make videos that you hope will get a lot of views. The videos can be anywhere from beauty, gaming, challenges, or vlogging. Also you can communicate with your viewers in the comments.

- It's hard to find an average salary because YouTube pays you based on how many views you get on your videos. During the holidays you can get as much as $5 or $10 per 1,000 views. If you get 1,000 views daily you will make anywhere from $7.50 - $120.00 per month.

- You don't need any degree to become a "You Tuber", but experience in some kind of movie making program might be useful.

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