SPF District Update

November 24, 2020

A Message from the Superintendent

Dear SPF Community,

There has been a lot of discussion in our community regarding the decision-making process related to the November 15th announcement to shift back to full remote instruction. I prepared a 6-minute video to provide clarification, share facts and dispel any further rumors.

In support of our effort to communicate more frequently, this email serves as the first of many more district communications you will receive. The content contained in future communications will evolve based on our mutual needs to send and receive information. Your feedback is important to me. If there is content you’d like to see, please email us at communications@spfk12.org with your suggestions.

Please stay safe and healthy over the Thanksgiving weekend.


Dr. Joan Mast

VIDEO: SPF District Update - November 24, 2020

SPF District Update - Nov 24, 2020

Commitment to Wellness

The social and emotional health of our students and staff has been a high priority throughout the pandemic. While our work in responding to the social and emotional needs of our staff and students took root well before anyone ever thought of the challenges presented by a global pandemic, our efforts in this area continue to pivot in ways that parallel the phases of our restart plan while also being responsive to the fatigue we are all feeling.

Our approach this year has been to create “connection before content” and as we have returned to an all-remote situation this week. We are in the process of renewing and enhancing the strategies we have implemented to demonstrate this in our work. Our teachers are working relentlessly to create just and supportive classrooms that acknowledge and are responsive to the current health crisis.

While we are remote, we are highlighting three critical areas that are especially relevant for student wellness.

  1. Knowing and valuing our student
  2. Building responsive learning environments
  3. Engaging students in learning

We are also committed to supporting our staff. We did this with professional development in September and are continuing to do this as recently as last Thursday when we launched a series of virtual sessions on mindfulness for our staff.

Click for additional social emotional learning resources.

Expressions of Gratitude

Everyone in SPF is working hard to support students. In the spirit of spreading positivity, take a moment to thank a teacher, school nurse or another employee of the Scotch Plains - Fanwood School District. We're in this together. Click here to express your gratitude.

Share Your Feedback

The Scotch Plains - Fanwood School District is committed to increasing communication with all stakeholders. We hope you find the content in this update useful. Tell us what content you'd like to see in future communications by emailing Communications@spfk12.org.

Scotch Plains - Fanwood School District

Dr. Joan Mast, Superintendent