The Games

By Jaclyn Gray

Game One

This game is basically trying to kill all of the sputnics! If you get a certain amount of points then you will automatically win the game! But if you get shot a certain amount of times the you will automatically lose! Whilst you play this amazing game you collect stars to boost your score up! Go on have a try!! Once you start there's no turning back!!!!

Game Two

This next game is basically a race to the little hut. You collect little objects like coins, stars and even hearts! But be carefull because there are no walls and you can quite easily fall of the side of it!!! This is a very addicting game. Every one that's played has loved it so far has loved it! You know you want to!

The Releasing Date

Thursday, April 25th 2013 at 11am

Whitley Bay, United Kingdom

Whitley Bay, England