U.S Constitution

Legislative branch Daniel .B


Article one in the constitution deals with the powers of the legislative branch and what they can do.


Congressmen can say whatever they want about the problem or bill and congressmen have to be an american citizen and must have some type of government background.

Meeting time of congress

Congress must meet at least once and that is on the first Monday of December and taht is in article 1.

Power granted to them

The Legislative Branch can impeach the president if need be. they also can vote on congress every two years.

Rules of congress

Congress must be voted in to be an active congressmen and they as a congressman must go to the Congress meeting every first monday in December

How a bill becomes a law

A bill is talked about on by the congress. then it goes to the senate and is voted on and if they vote yes then it is sent to the president. The President can then veto it or vote yes for that bill and if the President and if he veto's it goes back to the senate then they vote on it again if they vote yes then it goes to the judicial branch then they vote yes or no and if they vote yes it becomes a law. if they vote no it is no longer voted on .