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The ______ nation was so powerful that it easily overtook the world powers easily.

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mighty, powerful, forceful

puissance - n; great power, influence, or prowess

synonyms and antonyms

Synonyms: powerful, strong, influential, potent

Antonyms: powerless, weak, insignificant, helpless


possum, posse, potui (L) - "to be able," "to have power"

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Choose which sentence uses the underlined word incorrectly.

a) The large company was the most puissant supporter of worker rights, so they influenced many of the laws made regarding worker rights.

b) The puissant ruled over his kingdom with an iron fist.

c) The great puissance of the growing nation was regarded in worry and fear by the world powers.

d) He was puissant in advocating for his favorite team, going so far as to try and force others to root for the same team.

Correct Answer: B

B uses puissant as a noun; however, puissant is an adjective and cannot be used as a noun.
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