Newsletter Week 5 Term 1

Sawyers Bay School 3rd March 2022


Kia ora Whanau,

This week you should have received a few notices home, and a few SchoolApp notifications. We do try really hard to limit the amount of information we send sorry but it always does seem to come at once.

One of our most important notices was to pass on information about Swimming lessons starting next week. I would like to assure all families that we have taken extra precautions and have systems in place during swimming to help avoid the spread of any bugs. Please make sure your child has their togs every day, and perhaps a little something extra in the lunch box?

Another note home was regarding Walk and Wheels Week. Next week, we will be encouraging all children to use active transport to get to school. If you live miles away, you could always park away from the school and walk the last bit, or arrange to meet a friend to walk to school together? Please if you missed either of these notices, just give us an email and we will get them to you.

A big thank you to all families for helping us navigate our latest health requirements. We have had large numbers of children away and it is really appreciated that families have kept us informed and up to date.

Ka mihi nui,

Gareth Swete

Upcoming Events

  • Walk 'n' Wheel To School Week - Monday 7th - Friday 11th March
  • Term 1 Swimming - Monday 7th March - Friday 18th March
  • Otago Anniversary Day - Monday 21st March
  • Good Friday - Friday 15th April

Te Akonga o te Wiki

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Congratulations to Harrison, Liam Parker, Lucca, Kenneth, Tate and Stevie for being Person of the Week in their classes for Week 4 Term 1. This week the trophy went home with Lucca.


This week in Papatūānuku we have enjoyed getting outside, learning to bounce, throw and catch basketballs. We usually end each session with a go at shooting a basketball into a hoop. On Monday we had a record of four hoops in! It has been particularly noticeable how the hand/eye coordination of the tamariki is improving remarkably, as their ball skills develop. The next two weeks we’ll move from ball skills to swimming skills for our Physical Education! This week would be a great time for tamariki to practice at home, getting themselves dried with a towel, dressed or undressed independently. Thank you!

This week we have started learning about our school environment. We are learning to take photos on the ipads. This is a good skill to learn, to take time to ensure we capture the elements we want to in a photograph! We plan to make a book of our photos and descriptions of places around our kura. We also drew our favourite places around the school and created a colourful picture with one of these drawings using water and crepe paper. Our phonics activities have been centered around the sound “a” this week. We ironically found a whole lot of apples in our class, which turned into learning about whole, halves and quarters. We are also learning about all of the different facts to make numbers to 10. Some tamariki are learning to count a group of items accurately. Others are learning to add two groups of items together, and others are taking up the challenge to find as many addition facts as they can, about a certain number. You’re all working super hard Papatūānuku and I am so proud of the way you are remembering our talks about teamwork, encouraging others, kindness to others and trying your best.

Report by Mrs Campbell


This week in Hine-Rau-Wharangi we have been working on our drawing skills using Kids Art Hub to help us with our self portraits. While drawing we have been looking at shape, size and proportion to make sure our picture features are evenly spaced out. Then Hine-Rau-Wharangi began to paint their faces with a color that we mixed and was suitable for our skin tones. They are still a work in progress. The class has been working super hard on their writing and making sure that they add as many heart words from our reading activities into our stories. In Math we are looking at before and after numbers and have been using our TV screen technology to do different whole class activities around our Math learning, the favorite one they are particularly fond of is the Funky Mummy adding activity.

Report by Mrs Brewer

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Have you heard about our fantastic new sports gear? We were so excited to have a big box arrive full of new sports gear for our classroom and we have slowly been learning to use each piece of equipment. We have balance boards, a badminton net and rackets, an agility ladder, tennis balls, balls with ribbons, skip-it's, soccer goals, cornhole, bow and arrows, bean bag targets and more! We are especially enjoying learning to use the bow and arrows. This is helping to build strength in our arms and develop hand eye coordination! We want to say a great big thank you to Bailey and her Aunty for making us our very own class set of poi! They look AMAZING and must have taken hours to make. We are having a great time learning to twirl them while learning the Māori terms for the actions to go along with the song E rere taku poi (runga- up raro-down roto-in waho-out). When we have mastered the words and the actions together we will try and get a video up on our Seesaw blog for you all to see! We have been working really hard to place full stops and capital letters in the correct places in our writing. We are using kung-fu punctuation actions to keep it fun and help us to remember. In Maths we are learning about place value in numbers. We have been playing teen / ty bingo and learning to make numbers in the thousands by using ones, tens, hundreds and thousands. We will keep working on this over the coming weeks. Swimming begins next week! Please remember to send your children's togs, goggles and towels along. It is helpful if they wear clothing and footwear that is easy to put on after swimming and an extra snack in the lunchbox is often handy as swimming is hungry work!

Report by Mrs Swete


Kia Ora from Ranginui

I am so proud of the children who shared their pepeha at last Friday’s assembly. Each person spoke so confidently, and stood proud. We have begun to look at timelines and have a really good understanding of what a timeline is. We have created bar graphs showing information about our class, and our next step is to discuss our data and make statements.

Thank you for the newspapers etc… but if you have any more, we would gladly use them.

Swimming is next week, and we are all looking forward to it. It makes it a big day when we swim so if possible please add a couple of extra food items to the lunch box.

Report by Miss Ruzsa


We are learning to write sentences full of detail. We are putting all our learning about nouns, adjectives, verbs AND adverbs together to write amazing sentences filled with detail. The children are doing such a great job pushing their thinking to create interesting pieces of writing that capture the reader's attention.

We are continuing on our art buzz and learning all about “The Language of Colour’. Did you know colours make us feel differently and we associate colours with different things? Such as green for go! Red for stop! And, black for dark and evil. We have learnt about primary, secondary and tertiary colours and painted our own colour wheels. We will be continuing our colour learning over the next few weeks.

Lastly, please also remember that next week we begin our swimming lessons. Please make sure children have their togs each day and sometimes an extra snack can help too!

Report by Miss Laing

Tāne Mahuta

This week we have had a great time with Mr Fisher. We made some fraction bingo boards. They made learning fractions easier as it was a game. We also made cards with different parts of speech such as adverbs, adjectives and nouns. They helped us to play a game to make wacky sentences.

Yesterday we took part in a whole day cycle skills programme. We learnt all about the road and hand signals and even had a chance to go out and practice on the actual road. These skills are important to keep us safe when cycling.

One of our favourite pieces of writing this week was based on a book called The Land of Promise. It was about early settlers heading to New Zealand on the boat Adelaide from England. We created a map to track the coordinates from the story. It was an exciting and interesting journey, but also a little sad.

Report by Jorjah and Boon

Sports News

This Week's results:

Touch Rugby

SBS Awesome celebrated a win POD Anja

SBS Incredible default


SBS Villa 5-2 L POD Frankie

SBS Spurs 8-1 W POD Donnie

SBS Gunners 4-1 L POD Luca

Community Notices

Port Chalmers Library Book Club

Kia ora,

The Port Chalmers Library book club for March will be held on Monday the 7th of March from 3.15pm.

Join us for a snack and some fun activities. This month robots are back and we have a surprise activity in store!

The Port Chalmers Library book club is held the first Monday of the month, join us for some fun and books.

Ngā mihi,

Port Chalmers Library team.

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