North vs. South

The American Civil War

President's of the North and South

The North president was Abraham Lincoln. He was the 16th president of the United States. He was strong and loyally to our country. He was a great supporter of the North. He thought war was all about just saving the union but he was wrong it was also about fighting for freedom.

The South president was Jefferson Davis. He also was a strong supporter of the South. He supported them from 1861 to 1865. He was a statesman. He was a leader of the confederacy during the Civil War.

Military Leader's of the North and South

The Military Leader of the North was Ulysses S. Grant. He was lead by Ab Lincoln. He was the Military Leader for the second half of the war. He was also the 18th President of the United States.

The Military Leader of the South was Robert E. Lee. He has a strong Military tradition. He also had a strong motivation skill with guns and horses. He had the advantge of trading his weapons for cotton. His whole life he was a Military officer.

Causes Of the Civil War for the North and South

Economic Differences:

South had the invention of cotton gin. They created it in 1793. Cotton then became worth alot. The cotton gin shorten time that it took to seperate the seeds from the cotton. The South became a one crop economy.

North focused more on industry. The Norht focused on city life while the South focusd on plantation system. North was buying raw cotton and they would make it into goods.

State Right vs. Federal Rights:

South was state rights, which means that all the states have the power to limit the power of the federal government.

North was federal rights, which means that the federal goverment should have all control over the right for the states.


The South believed that they would go bankrupt with out the slaves around. They feared losing slaves.

In the other hand the North opposed slavery. Other people in the North didn't want to compete for money because people in the North were ready not paid that much.

The South did want high taxes for there goods that they would sen to foriegn countrys. The South would buy goods for over sea because it was cheaper to buy goods over sea.

The North on the other had would want high taxes of the foreign goods. North would make all there goods.

Cultural Differences:

The North worked in industrys. They were way more educated then the South.

The South was less eduated then the North. They were also farmers unlike the North.

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Advanatges and Disavantges of the North and South

Advantges of the North:

-The North had better weapons because they worked in indurstries.

-Another advantage the North has over the South is the population.

-The North had a great leader for war. There leader was strong and loyal.

Disadvantages of the North:

-The North had to conquer a huge piece of land to bring the South into the land.

-They invaded land that they weren't familar with.

Avantages of the South:

-They were defending there home land it help them incourage every one to fight.

- They had good skills with war and weapons.

- Many officers where from the South.

Disadvantages of the South:

-They had few factorys in the South that could lend them weapons.

-They had very few railroads to move the army.

- The South had a very small population.

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General Information About North And South


The North had a huge army, they had 2.1 million people in there army. 180,000 blacks fought in the war and 130,00 people came from the states and fought.

The South didn't have as big as an army but they had a pretty big army. They had 600,000 to 1.5 million fought in the war. That is including slaves and people from the states.


The North had a pretty big population. They had 22 million people and 23 states. That is alot of people. Living in the North. The North had a lot of people but they didn't have as much as the slaves.

The South had 11 states and 9 million people. But don't forget they loved slaves. They had 3.5 million slaves living in the South. There were none in the North because they didn't believe and having slaves.

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