Only thing to fear is fear its self

Andrew N.

Cool fact

Franklin D. Roosevelt

gave people hope and courage during hard times.Many people think that he was

our greatest president in our nation.Mr.Roosevelt was a diligent man even

thought he had a disability.F.D.R was a great leader in our nation.

Early LIFE

Franklin loved to help people in his early life.F.D.R was born in Hyde park, New York on 1882.Franklin grew up in a big house with lots of land.When he was fourteen he went to boarding school.After boarding school ended Roosevelt stared to help people because he was a happy man.

A Disease!!!!????!!!!!

Mr.Roosevelt could not walk after age 39 because he got polio.polio was a disease that disabled his legs and could cause death. Roosevelt went to warm spring,GA for his treatment.F.D.R. also built a house there to live.Even though Roosevelt got polio he was still able to reach his goals.


F.D.R. was the bravest president in our nation.In 1928 he was elected for governor of N.Y.

In 1932 Roosevelt ran for president and became our national leader.When the Grate Depression started he gave people jobs when they need the jobs.The Gate Depression was when people lost their jobs.In 1939 a major world war started.Roosevelt told voters that he did not want to be in the war but Japan bombed U.S.A. and U.S.A. got into war.

Roosevelt Worked For Justice For All.