Drinking and Driving

By: Krznyl Orallo

What is Drinking and Driving?

Drinking and Driving is the use of alcohol before or during driving a vehicle.

The Issue

Drinking and Driving is a serious problem that needs more attention in Dub Nation. This issue affects many people, more than 30% of deaths every year are due to drunk driving accidents. Drinking impairs vision, reduces reaction times , concentration and vigilance. It also makes a driver feel drowsy and relaxed which makes driving very dangerous. About one third of people caught driving after consuming alcohol are repeat offenders. This is the reason why we need to put these types of drivers behind bars.

The Bill

Every year many lives are taken away due to alcohol related accidents. In order to avoid these deaths ,all drivers that decide to consume alcohol are not permitted to operate a vehicle.


Drivers who fail to meet the expectation will have a punishment. They will have to pay a $5000 fine, 6 months in jail, and get their license suspended for a year. This consequence is fair to make sure that drivers do not make this type of mistake again. Driving after consuming alcohol is very dangerous, they put themselves and the lives of others in danger.
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1. Drivers would not do it again

2. It will avoid death and injuries

3. Lower car insurance


1. Drivers might rebel against the government

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