Scarlet Macaw

the Ara Macao


Scarlet Macaws are found in various places, such as, Central America, South America, Belize, Guatemala, Panama, Nicaragua, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Peru, Surinam and Venezuela. Their home is either in the lowlands or the emergent part of the Rain forests. They live in the tropical climate.

- found in south america, and central america.
- lowlands and rainforests
- tropical climate


The Scarlet Macaw is classified as bird. Its plumage is scarlet in color. Plumage means the color of all the feathers on any bird's body. The rump and tail feathers are a light blue. The average height of these magnificent birds are 32 inches. The weight is 22 lbs. Just like the way humans communicate, Macaws communicate to each other by squaking loudly, squeaks and screams.
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Reasons for Endangerment

Scarlet Macaws are endangered for a few reasons. The first one that is quite obvious is that other animals eat them as food. The second reason is that people hunt them down to use their feathers for things they can use to sell.

Food Chain

These Macaws eat food, such as, fruits and nuts. Their beaks are sharp to help eat them break the shell of the nuts. To help with digestion they eat clay. They fly and and search for food.

They are prey to falcons, Eagles, Piranhas and most definitely humans.


These birds have great adaptation characteristics. They have sharp beaks to help hurt and injure its predator. They have additional limbs to start climbing. Their structure includes sharp talons and a big beak. One negative fact is that they cannot camouflage well due to their bright and colorful plumage.