Arizona FAF$A Challenge

July 2019 Newsletter

Final FAFSA Completion Rate Update

Arizona established a 50% FAFSA completion goal at the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year. As of June 28, 2019, the state ended with a 47% FAFSA completion rate among the 412 high schools included in the Arizona FAFSA Challenge dashboard. With the implementation of the Arizona FAF$A Challenge program, schools across the state were recognized for their efforts in FAFSA completion and their successes were highlighted and celebrated.

To support the initiative, Arizona high schools and community organizations responded to the challenge and held a record number of College Goal FAFSA events throughout the state. These events are designed to assist students and their families complete the FAFSA. A total of 103 FAFSA events were held this past school year doubling the number of events held (57) from just two years ago.

Most Innovative Player Award

With the new school year just around the corner, The Arizona FAF$A Challenge is excited to announce that a new nomination form for the Most Innovative Player Award will be added to the website this fall. This award recognizes high schools and community organizations each month throughout the school year for their innovative efforts and work towards FAFSA completion.

This school year we will be accepting nominations for high schools and community organizations. Anyone can submit a nomination so we encourage counselors, teachers, students, parents and the community to nominate their high school or community organization that they feel deserves the award!

Project Benjamin

Last month, the Arizona Commission for Post Secondary Education was part of a coalition of Arizona leaders who pitched "Project Benjamin: The Power of the FAFSA for Middle-Income Families in Arizona" to Schmidt Futures. The coalition won first place and brought in $1,000,000 to help Arizona families.

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