Conserving Household Energy

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Using LED Lights

One of the best ways to conserve energy is using LED(Light Emitting Diode).When you use LED lights they last longer than normal light bulbs. LED light bulbs use 75% less energy then most light bulbs. LED light bulbs are much cooler and safer than regular light bulbs ,using them can uphold less of a risk for combustion and or burnt fingers.

Ways to Conserve Household energy.

.Use only energy saving light bulbs.

.Turn off the T.V and unplug the toaster.

.Boil only the water you need.

.When leaving the room....LIGHTS OFF!!!!

.Dry your laundry outside.

.Turn off the heat if your not home.

.When you shower use warm water,also take shorter showers.

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How it conserving benefits the environment.

This will benefit the environment by the simple fact that we will not need to depend on fossil fuels as much as we do now .Since fossil fuels place pollution into the air if we reduce this it will make a better impact in the future. Lets let our kids live.

It will affect you if you dont STOP!!!

If we don't stop many things can happen one you energy bill will go up therefor you wont have money which is a problem in its own. Also if you don't save energy then there will be no more fossil fuels and we will then have nothing to save on for the future , everything needs to be used in moderation .
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