Monday Memo

Holy Name of Mary, Monday, September 30, 2019

Happy Monday!

Hi everyone,

I am super late with this week's memo. It's going to be a short one!

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and participation in last Friday's PA Day. It was wonderful to have a day to spend together building community. Here's to another great week!


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Airserver is here!

Good news on the tech front. I've had Marc Levesque install AirServer on all classroom Point of Instruction computers. This means that you can now mirror anything from an iPad to your Point of Instruction computer.

You can use this feature to:

  • show students different apps on the iPad
  • use the iPad on a stand like an Elmo to show something underneath it (i.e. a book or document)
  • walk around the classroom and show student work on your Smartboard or whiteboard so the whole class can see.

The beauty of AirServer is that you do not need to be connected to any wires or connectors. Here is all you have to do to get started:

  1. Turn on your computer and projector.
  2. Swipe diagonally from the top right hand corner of the iPad.
  3. Select Mirroring from the little menu that appears.
  4. Select your Room number.

And then...BOOM. You are projecting from your iPad. To stop mirroring, you just do the same swipe from the corner of the iPad and unselect Mirroring. If you already have a white lightning to VGA connector for your iPad setup, go ahead and keep using it. Brad says that this will always be a better connection. But if you don't have one, this is a great solution.

Keep in mind that if you are showing students a video, you will still want to do that from your Point of Instruction computer, as there can be a bit of lag when using AirServer.

The Week Ahead

Here is a peek at the week ahead. Please check our Holy Name of Mary Staff calendar for all of the latest updates on what is happening this week at HNOM. As we often have last-minute changes, checking the staff calendar is the best way to get the most up-to-date information on events and absences. This short video tutorial will show you how it's done.

Monday, September 30, 2019

  • Bryanna away at Math Launch (Jeannie Hendry)
  • Deb Salisbury in
  • Grade 6 Faith Day (Sara R., Steve and Andrew away)
  • Orange Shirt Day
  • Rachel away
  • Sara Hart out (am only, Kelly Pawlikowski)

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

  • Kathleen Crowe (Knox) away in pm
  • Laura Shilson in
  • Teamoeba presentation at the Board Office at 6:00pm

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

  • Bus Evacuation Drill - will be done by class, with responsible older students helping. Teachers need to get on the bus with their classes.
  • Last day for Food Bank Drive
  • Mary B away (pm only, John Murray)
  • Rachel away

Thursday, October 3, 2019

  • Caroline away
  • Ron PL day (Miffy Thomas)
  • Kathleen Crowe (Knox) away in pm
  • Kristine away (Tammy McDonald)
  • Liz away (Kevin Hogan)

Friday, October 4, 2019

  • Caroline away
  • Ron PL Day (Miffy Thomas)
  • Debbie Balog in
  • Erin away (pm only)
  • Kathleen Crowe (Knox) away in pm