Boy; Tales of Childhood

By Roald Dahl

Captain Hardcastle p.112

*In the Prep Hall

MASTER: Yes, what is it?

BRAITHWAITE: Please sir, a wasp came in through the window and it's stung me on my

lip and it's swelling up.

MASTER: A what?

BRAITHWAITE: A wasp, sir.

MASTER: Speak up, boy, I can't hear you! A what came in through the window?

BRAITHWAITE: It's hard to speak up sir, with my lip all swelling up.

MASTER: With your what all swelling up? Are you trying to be funny?

BRAITHWAITE: No sir, I promise I'm not sir.

MASTER: Talk properly, boy! What's the matter with you?

BRAITHWAITE: I've told you, sir. I've been stung, sir. My lip is swelling. It's hurting


MASTER: Hurting terribly? What's hurting terribly?

BRAITHWAITE: My lip, sir. It's getting bigger and bigger.

MASTER: What prep are you doing tonight?

BRAITHWAITE: French verbs, sir. We have to write them out.

MASTER: Do you write with your lip?

BRAITHWAITE: No, sir, I don't sir, but you see...

MASTER: All I see is that you are making an infernal noise and disturbing every