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February 2019

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You'll see a main item in this Curriculum Gazette is the news about the district parent involvement and health conference. This event has grown over the last few years and has become very popular. This year the parent conference and health conference are joining hands to create one great event. Lots of time and effort goes into the planning and preparation for this event and it takes many hands to make it work. Please stop by the conference and see what tips you can pick up.

You will also see news of great student achievements from Science Fair, History Fair, DI and Decathlon. It is a busy time for our students and their sponsors.

The dates of meetings to inform you about the bond election are listed and you will also see a few short videos that may help give you some tips you can use in your class.

If you have any questions, please contact the curriculum department.

As always, thanks for all you do for our students in AISD. You are appreciated!

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7th Annual Community & Family Engagement Conference and Health Fair

Come join the excitement at the 7th Annual Community & Family Engagement Conference and Health Fair. Discover just how beneficial community and family involvement can be in the lives of our students. Guests will enjoy a Saturday filled with engaging and informative presentations while also getting access to free health & wellness screenings. A variety of local merchant vendors and health service organizations will be on site for guests to visit and gather information. Free breakfast and lunch will be provided for all guests, and numerous door prizes and books will be given away. Free childcare is available for Alice ISD children ages 5 -10.

This year we will have 3 session rotations, and participants can choose to attend any of the following presentations:

1. Cyber Safety in a Tech Savvy World

2. Active Shooter Training: What Parents Need to Know

3. Literacy Fun Make-n-Take

4. A Parent's Guide to Recognizing Self-Harm and Suicide

5. Stopping the Cycle of Family & Domestic Violence

6. Prescription for Parents - Dangers of Prescription Drugs

7. Parental Involvement is Fundamental - Involucramiento de Padres es Primordial

8. More than Sad: Recognizing the Signs of Depression

Our conference will also feature one of the top Hispanic youth speakers in the country, Jonathan Medina from Rio Hondo, Texas. His keynote presentation will begin at 11:50 a.m. in the Alice High School auditorium. For more details on the sessions and Jonathan Medina please see below.

Alice High School

#1 Coyote Trail, Alice, Texas 78332

8:15 a.m.- 8:45 a.m. Breakfast

9:00 a.m. Sessions Begin

12:50 p.m. Lunch - Enchilada Plate

Top Hispanic Youth Speaker to Present at Annual Conference

Jonathan grew up in the lowest income community in the United States in a single-parent household in Rio Hondo, Texas. In middle school, his mother was first incarcerated, then again in high school. Not having known his father and with stepfather in prison, Jonathan was raised by his grandfather a migrant field worker. Jonathan's grandfather provided stability and a strong paternal presence to Jonathan and his siblings, and taught them the important lesson of, “En esta vida hay que luchar,” which means, “In this life we must fight.”

Jonathan overcame his circumstances to graduate from high school in the top 10. Plus was accepted to the Prestigious Georgetown University where he walked on the Division 1 football team and started for 2 years.

Jonathan believes that if he was able to accomplish his dreams any student can. He is passionate about helping students realize their dreams and helping educators to recognize they can help every student.

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Advanced Academics

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Regional History Fair

Students from the Coastal Bend area competed at Regional History Fair at Texas A&M--Kingsville on February 15th . The following students qualified for state competition, to be held on Saturday, April 27th at the University of Texas—Austin:


Jacob Gonzalez

Eliana Ramirez

Alyssa Vasquez

Cyanna Cruz

Jacqueline Molina

Alyssa Lopez

Isela Torres

Aliana Silva

Alvaro Ceja

Carlos Lopez

Lucas Walker

Ezekiel Martinez

Cameron Timmons

Megan Salinas

Makayla Guerra


Jacquelyn Perez-Saenz

Betty-Mae Rodriguez

Daniela Ruiz

Celeste Torres

Jesaiah Torres

Congratulations to our Alice ISD History Fair students!

Destination Imagination

Students from Salazar, Hillcrest, Dubose, Memorial, and WAMS competed on Saturday, February 23rd at the Coastal Bend Regional Destination Imagination Tournament. We had a total of 19 teams representing Alice ISD. The following teams medaled:

Challenge C--Middle Level

3rd place tie--“WAMS”, Adams Middle School, Alice ISD – Sendejo, Team Manager

3rd place tie-- “Team Extreme”, Dubose Intermediate School, Alice ISD – Gonzalez, Team Manager

Challenge D--Middle Level

3rd place--“A League of Our Own”, Dubose Intermediate School, Alice ISD – Stephens, Team Manager

Challenge D--Elementary Level

3rd place--“Legendary Marshmallow Cats”, Salazar Elementary School, Alice ISD – Alaniz-Walker, Team Manager

Congratulations to both students and coaches. Your hard work and dedication to DI is well-noted.

Academic Decathlon

Our AHS Decathlon team is going to state!! Team members competed against teams from our region, including teams from the valley and San Antonio at the Regional Tournament held on February 8-9, at Texas A&M--Corpus Christi. Our team also earned a perfect score at the Super Quiz Relay competition. For the Super Quiz, all students assemble in a setting as each grade level collaboratively answers twelve multiple-choice questions from the objective portions of the competition (Varsity, then Scholastic, and then Honors).

Congratulations to all team members and coach George Beltran. Team members are: Nicole Cuadra, Justin Pastrano, Genevieve Toureilles, Trent Rodriguez, Nicholas Coleman, Anissa Benavides, Carlos Chavarria, Ruth Jimenez, John Lemon, Jasmine Trevino. State competition will take place in Frisco, Texas March 7-10. Good luck, decathletes!!.

Thank you, Alice ISD School Counselors!!

National School Counseling Week was celebrated February 4-8. At a special school board meeting held on February 7th, our Alice ISD counselors received a proclamation from the city of Alice. Thank you, counselors, for all you do for our students, staff, and parents at Alice ISD. Campuses could not function without you.

Congratulations to our Regional Science Fair Winners!

District Science Fair winners competed at the Valero Energy Foundation and Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Coastal Bend Regional Science Fair on February 17, 2019.

Thank you to all participating students who represented Alice ISD.

Congratulations to our Regional Science Fair Winners listed below:

Emerico Perez- "Feel the Burn" 1st Place - William Adams Middle School

Daniel Marcus Rosales- "Exothermic Suds" 3rd Place - Memorial Intermediate

Lucas Collin Walker "Machine Learning Madness" 1st Place - William Adams Middle School

Andres Perez "Stop the Headaches" 2nd Place- Dubose Intermediate School

Ty Austin Carbajal, Teresa Villegas, Vanessa Nayeli Garcia "Workout Wisdom" 3rd Place- AHS

Celete Torres "What's the Scoop" 1st Place- AHS

All 1st, 2nd and 3rdPlace winners grades 6‐12 were invited to compete in the Texas Science and Engineering Fair hosted by TAMU College Station on March 29‐30, 2019.

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Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports- Classroom Routines and Procedures

Federal and Special Programs


Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS) online testing is going on at all Alice ISD schools. Students considered to be English Language Learners take this state proficiency test every Spring. The test measures how much growth the student has made in acquiring English language proficiency. English Learners should always have opportunities to listen, speak, read and write in English in their daily classroom routines.

On another note, English teachers of English Language Learners will be gathering together on April 3rd to rate student's writing samples. Kindergarten and first grade teachers will rate students in the four domains of listening, speaking, reading and writing as well.

Migrant Recruiting

Many families in Alice ISD go to other cities and states to complete agricultural work. These families are migrants. The state and federal government puts aside funds to help migrant students become successful. Alice ISD is always in search of families who may be eligible to receive migrant services. If you know of a student whose family may travel across districts to complete work in the agriculture, poultry, and fishery industries, please contact the Federal and Special Program department.

Alice ISD Initial Evaluation Procedures/Parent Request

Alice ISD has an affirmative duty to make a referral for an initial evaluation for special education services any time it suspects that a child has a disability and a need for special education services under IDEA. A parent may also initiate a referral for an initial evaluation for their child at any time.

If a written request is made to the Executive Director of Special Education, the Special Education Supervisor or to a campus representative for an initial evaluation for special education services, the school must, not later than the 15th school day after the date the school receives the request, either provide parent:

1. Prior written notice of its proposal to conduct an evaluation, a copy of the Notice of Procedural Safeguards, and the opportunity to give written consent for the evaluation; or

2. Prior written notice of its refusal to evaluate your child and a copy of the Notice of Procedural Safeguards.

Please note that a request for a special education evaluation may be made verbally and does not need to be in writing. Alice ISD must still comply with all federal notice requirements and requirements for identifying, locating, and evaluating children who are suspected of being a child with a disability and in need of special education. However, a verbal request does not require the district to respond within the 15-school-day timeline.


· Your child’s campus

· Alma Benavides, Child Find contact, (361) 664-0981 ext.1013

· The Alice ISD Special Education Office at 361-660-2130

Schallert Elementary Math & Science Night

Pre-K Report Cards and Parent-Teacher Conferences

Middle of the year report cards will be sent home this week with all Pre-K students. We have also completed the Circle Assessment, and it is now time to share results with parents. Teachers will be setting up parent-teacher conferences with all parents to discuss student performance and growth on the Circle Assessment and report cards.

How Do You Review?

Recently Brad Gibson, our friend from Lead4ward, presented a session for principals and instructional facilitators on the Rockin' Review. This is a 10 day plan for review before the STAAR and EOC tests.

Here are a few things to remember about review:

  • You can't reteach the entire curriculum -- Select three highly tested areas that will have a great impact on students. Use benchmark and unit data to inform those decisions
  • There is no "new" in review - Review is not a time to introduce strategies unfamiliar to students. That would cost valuable time teaching the strategy. Use this time to introduce instructional activities that will be used in review.
  • A repeat is not a review - The review should not be doing more of the same things that may not have been successful the first time.

Some great tools are found in the Lead4ward app and the field guides.

Your campus administration and Instructional Facilitator will be explaining how to plan for this 10 day timeframe very soon. If you need more help, please reach out to central office!

Bond Election

Educate yourself about the upcoming bond election. See the picture below for public information meetings. You can also visit the school district website,, for more information.
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Teaching Channel

One of my favorite sites is This site have loads of videos that are extremely useful in developing teacher craft. While you do not have to have a membership, the account is free and it gives you access to save the videos and annotate.

Below you find three videos from Teaching Channel. Hope you enjoy!

~Anna Holmgreen