4HA Weekly News

14th February 2014

Dear parents,

What a successful week! As you know, the main highlight of our week was the 4th grade Toy Fair on Friday. The children did an amazing job, and their final presentations were very impressive. It was hard work, and really tiring, but it was a perfect end to a very meaningful unit of work. Thank you to all of the parents who supported this, either by listening to, and encouraging, the children as they practiced at home, or by attending the final event.

I'd also like to thank you for the kind Valentine's Day gifts. They probably will not last long (Mr. Hammerberg also loves chocolate), but they are much appreciated!

This week, I cannot announce a Prince George Award winner. Because we were so busy with the Toy Fair on Friday afternoon, we had no time for our usual Friday afternoon routine. The winner for last week will be announced on Monday, so there will be two winner in next week's newsletter!

Toy Fair Photos

If you would like to see more Toy Fair photos, click here

Our Studies


Last week, we continued our data and probability unit. We found the mean and median, and also learned to find the mode and the range of a set of data. Please feel free to give your child more practice with this, by using the Singapore Math Enrichment activities that I have put on the Resources page of our Haiku site.

Next week, we will learn to make and interpret stem and leaf plots, and how to find the mean, median, mode and range from them. We will also discuss the probability of different outcomes in a range of situations, and start expressing probability as a fraction.

Language Arts

We primarily worked on speaking and listening objectives last week, as the children prepared to present their toys at the Toy Fair. We found it especially useful to record the presentations on video, and then to watch them back and self assess and reflect on how to improve presentations. Engaging the audience with appropriate words, facial expressions and gestures was an objective that many of the children felt they could improve after watching themselves. The process made them much more aware of how they would appear to their audience, and their final presentations were much more effective as a result.

Next week, we will plan and write short informational texts, based on guided research. This will be linked with our new science unit: Energy. Within the next 3 weeks, we will launch independent Curiosity Projects (more information to follow), and the mini research this week will be great practice for their more substantial projects. The main standard we will be focusing on with this is:

4.4.3 Write informational pieces with multiple paragraphs that:

-provide an introductory paragraph.

-establish and support a central idea with a topic sentence at or near the beginning of the first paragraph.

-include supporting paragraphs with simple facts, details, and explanations.

-present important ideas or events in sequence or in chronological order.

-provide details and transitions to link paragraphs.

-conclude with a paragraph that summarizes the points.

-use correct indention at the beginning of paragraphs.

In reading, we will read some texts related to science. Children will demonstrate their understanding by reading for details, and making notes from these texts. The children will also have a lesson with Kathy Kersting, our library specialist, to introduce the children to the work of the US Children's Poet Laureate, Kenn Nesbitt. We are excited that Mr. Nesbitt will actually visit SFS on March 13th! You can read some of Kenn Nesbitt's work here

Hearts to Serve

Our Hearts to Serve assembly is scheduled for Wednesday 19th February. This assembly will launch our fundraising activities for Dongdaewon, our school wide service project. This project supports the efforts of a TB clinic in North Korea, and does some amazing work to save the lives of North Korean people.

T-shirts and hoodies will be on sale from this week. T-shirts can be bought for 15,000 W and hoodies can be ordered for 30,000 W. T-shirt size samples are on display in the ES lobby. The money raised from these sales will help save lives!