Meet Our Facility Dog: Daisy May

Prairie Elementary Principal: Kristen Jones

Meet Our Prairie Facility Dog: Daisy

The process for finding our special friend started in January of 2021. Mrs. Tadokoro, our special education teacher, received a flyer from Warriors Best Friend organization. We immediately knew this program was for our Prairie students! We contacted the district and began the planning phase. Fast forward to April when we met the trainers, Bella and Joe. They explained the potential that a facility dog could have in impacting students lives.

After rescuing Daisy from the Independence Animal Shelter, Bella began the 4-month training process with Daisy. Mrs. Tadokoro engaged in training to become Daisy's primary handler. On August 6th, Daisy met most of our staff and moved into Mrs. Tadokoro's home as a family member.

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Very Important Safety Information

Daisy will be greeting students in the back of the building every morning. Now that this is her home, we ask that you keep dogs on the outer boundaries of Prairie property.