Latin American Contry Uruguay

BY: Brianna Niland


> The capital of Uruguay is Montevideo

> The flag that belongs to Uruguay consists of a bright yellow flagin the top left corner and blue and white horizontal stripes across the rest of the flag.

> The currency in Uruguay is peso
> The size in square miles is 68,000
> their size in population consists of around 3.6 million
> Their government is republic
< Major crops grown there are rice, wheat, sugarcane
< A few major exports are meat (19%) cars(68%) leather(7.2%)

some historical facts about uruguay

  • Uruguay's independence day is august 25th
  • this country revolted Spain in 1811
  • this country had a civil war with Spain (1839-1851)
  • the civil war lasted around 12 years
  • Uruguay also had a civil war with Paraguay
  • the republican government was set up in 1828
  • the president now in Uruguay is Jose mujica

tourist attractons and problems

  1. the beaches in Uruguay are very popular with tourist
  2. Montevideo is also a summer resort 3.
  3. there are many art gallery's and restaurant's that people like
  • during the country's 12 year authoritarian rule tens of thousands were forced into a political exile

few more interesting facts

^ the capital of Uruguay is 200 sq miles
^ almost half the country's people resides in the capital city
^ Uruguay is located in the south eastern area of south America

would i visit this country?

yes, i would visit this country because of all the tourist attractions like the beach and because this country seems to be safe.