by Mike Lupica


The book Heat is about a boy named Michael Arroyo who escaped from Cuba with his dad and brother when he was little. After they escaped they moved to New york city near the Yankee's stadium. Michael is now a 12 year old boy that loves baseball and plays on many teams. After living in New york for a while Michael's father passed away which leaves only michael and his 17 year old brother Carlos in their apartment. Michael's dream is to make it to the little league world series and he is just a few games away. After playing a good game the other baseball team does not believe that he is 12 years old. But the only way to find out is to see he birth certificate. This creates a big problem because his birth certificate is still in Cuba and he does not want to get caught in Cuba for escaping from there when he was little. He has to get help from other people to get his birth certificate in time to be allowed to play in the little league world series.


I chose this book because my 8th grade teacher always told me to read it and because it is about baseball which is a sport i enjoy.My favorite part of the book is when Michael has a really good game and gets questioned about his age and he has to get his birth certificate. This was my favorite scene because it leaves you to wonder how he is able to play in the little league world series. In my opinion some scenes can relate to most people that play baseball. One thing that i disliked was that the book never tells you what happened to michael's mom. I would rate this book a 10 out of 10 because everything made since and left you thinking what would happen next. I would rate this a five star.
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