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So What is STEAMspace?

Perhaps your child came home talking about STEAMspace this month...

Rescuing Jack from the Giant by designing and testing a parachute?

Building a better bridge for the 3 Billy Goats Gruff?

or designing houses for the 3 LIttle Pigs?

Each of these fun activities was a part of STEAMspace in our library. STEAMspace is our library's version of a makerspace - a time a place for children to ponder, design, build, fail & try again...

STEAMspace encompasses activities that include:






Libraries have always been placed to learn.

Libraries have always been a place for trying new things.

LIbraries of today include so much more than books.

Libraries of today include activities to reach learners in a wide variety of areas.

Don't you wish you could be a part of this?

Volunteers always welcome!

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Donate a Book to Help Students Love Reading

Ridgeview Elementary Gives Books through READbox Initiative

Canyon Ridge has a wonderful opportunity to THINK WIN-WIN!

You have the opportunity to clean out those closets, bookcases & bedrooms and give back to our community.

Our sister school, Ridgeview Elementary, is in need of gently used books. Mrs. Montemayor, the reading specialist, is working to provide a READbox for students where they can check out books to read and keep! Many of these students do not own books of their own and live in homes that are considered "book deserts". Can you imagine? Our children are so blessed with books in their homes, classrooms and libraries.

After book fair is a wonderful time to clean out old books that are no longer being read & give them a home! Donations may be brought to the library.

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Book Fair was a Groovy Good Time

Thank you to everyone that made our Book Fair a huge success!

We had over $14000 in sales & earned a profit of $3200 to support our CR Library purchase new books, technology, furniture, and items to support reading for our students.

We have already purchased $1080 in books for our classroom teachers & library.

Parents & students also purchased 95 books that will be donated to classrooms during Teacher Appreciation week.

Donations to All for Books provided 35 new books for our sister school, Ridgeview Elementary.

Canyon Ridge Elementary Library

Wendy Howk


Lori Staffel

Library Assistant

What's Next for May?

We will kick off May with our Texas 2x2 Celebration of books for Pre-K through 2nd grade students.

Battle of the Books will take place for 3rd and 4th grade students.

May 18 4th grade

May 25 3rd grade

4th & 5th grade students will research in the library.

ALL Library books will be due May 18th!

May is a great time to check out e-books ... since you can check them out all summer long!