How Electronics Affect My Life

Electronics play a big role in my daily life

Electronics I use Daily

Everyday I use many electronics such as a iPhone , microwave , laptop , XBOX 360 , desktop , iPad and television. I spend about 3 hours on electronics a day, although I use them mostly for educational purposes. Some electronics I barely ever use are the DVD player, radio, XBOX 360 and VCR player.

Some stuff I do in particular on my electronics:

Flappy Bird

Oh gosh , Flappy Bird. Its' a APP on Android and Apple and can be very addictive, the objective of the game is to fly a bird through in between pipelines, if you hit them you will restart. The game is neverending and can get very addictive. If you add up all the time I spend on Flappy Bird, it would add up to at least a hour a day. The game was programmed to be very simple looking with easy to use buttons and easy instructions on how to play. Though if you never tried Flappy Bird before, I suggest you stay away from it. Once you get the game , it captures you and its' hard to break free.


I spend approxiametly 1 hour and 1/2 on Instagram through my iPad and iPhone everyday because I enjoy interacting with other people through technology because I find it fun. I upload photos and videos and watch other people's photos and videos and I enjoy it. On Instagram when I receive a notification through my iPhone, I feel excited because I enjoy it when people send me direct messages , comment on my photos/videos or simply like something I uploaded.


I can't even find the right words to describe how big of a deal this topic will be. Homework, I've used homework for almost EVERY device I have at home. I've downloaded a IXL APP on my iPad to work on, I've done research through my iPhone sometimes, I've made PowerPoint and articles like a S'more on my computer, I've used my microwave to do experimental homework that require heating, I'v used the television to research over "Current Events" for Social by watching the CTV News broadcasts. I've used technology to study, learn, and teach and without technology, all I would have is a paper and pencil to do my work on. I've probably spent 47 hours a month on technology ONLY for the purpose of doing school homework.

Language Practicing

I've been studying the language Arabic for 7 years now and for most of those years I have been using YouTube for many videos that teaches me on how to pronounce and read Arabic letters. I've used many APPS on Apple to taught me to read fluently in Arabic books. If I did not have the access or the privilege to use technology, I would have probably spent even longer than 7 years to learn how to read Arabic fluently and it would be a lot harder to learn as well.

Keep in Contact W/ Family & Friends

My family and I are very much into staying in contact with family members in friends around the entire globe. We have family members in France , Greece , Austrailia , Indonesia , Mexico , Bangladesh and friends in most of the same areas too. We keep in contact frequently by using Skype because before we were introduced to Skype, we would spend money on phone calling cards for a certain amount of minutes and it was a waste of money when we can do video calls for FREE and for no certain amount of time. It is a excellent way to stay in touch with people we knew who lived all over the world. We would also use E-m@ail to keep in contact as well. It saves a lot of money rather than sending letters through stamps. It was also a lot faster and easier. So you can say my entire family (including friends from all over the globe) use technology for certain purposes , a lot.

Photography/Video Recording

Photography and video recording are the top two most active activity I do on my electronics , iPhone in particular. For example , this S'more itself I used my iPhone camera to take about 80% of the photos. I needed my iPhone camera just for this homework itself , multiple times. I've used my iPhone to record and take photos of many places my family travels to because the camera is very well designed and is better than most digital cameras you can purchase from electronic stores. I've used my camera on my phone to take photos to make funny captions to upload to Instagram. I've used my camera to take videos/photos for any school homework and in school for the "You're my Best Friend" project, my team is using my camera as the recording device.


To conclude my brochure/article about how electronics , technology in common affect my life, I would like to say that technology has a major affect in my life. Without technology my life would be a lot harder. I would have to do many work in lots of physical ways like going to the post-office and buying a stamp and writing out a letter, going to many different schools to learn Arabic, painting a photo rather than taking a picture of it, and so much more. Technology has been a big deal in the 21st century but long ago, who cared about technology? Nobody, it was all something people had though of but never was real. To admit, I love technology. A lot.

- Message -

Credit to the ones who uploaded the "Instagram Logo" and "Flappy Bird Logo" to Google because I used them and I cannot finish this article without at-least giving credit. Every other photo was taken by my iPhone 5s camera.

Also you may have noticed I wrote this article in a "hamburger format" which we learned in Grade 6 last year. Introduction paragraph, the "juicy stuff in the middle" aka INFO, and then the conclusion.