Indian Creek PK News

December 21 to January 4

Happy Holidays

We are wishing you a very Happy Holiday Season. Thank you for supporting us. It was so nice to see so many of you at our parties this week. We know your children mean the world to you. We are very happy that you have chosen Indian Creek Elementary School as the launching point for your child's formal education. We know there are a lot of options in our area.

We want to thank our room mother's-Mrs. Morales, Mrs. Gonzalez and Mrs. Vazquez, for planning and putting together wonderful parties for our children. We want to thank all our parents and grandparents who sent the funding for our parties. It is all a team effort for our children.


Please work with your child over the break. We will be doing skills testing when we return.

Read,Read, Read!! Talk with them-oral language development is important for the 3-4 year olds. Limit time with electronics! Have them write, color, cut and paste. Get an adult coloring book and kid coloring books and spend sometime coloring. Play with play dough and do lacing cards. Get family board games out-Dominos, Candy Land, Connect 4, Chutes and Ladders, Hi Ho Cherry O.

Get outside-go for a walk. Really let them walk-please try not to carry them. Walking develops core strength which in turn makes it easier to learn how to write. Play catch one day. Take them go out for a bike ride on a pedal powered bike-tricycles are great and so are bikes with training wheels. Please remember the helmet.

Our goals for 3 year olds students need to recognize their letters (both upper case and lower case) and write their name. We will also need to know our colors, shapes, count 5 objects and count to 10.

Our goal for 4 year old students to know more letters on the assessment than on the beginning of the year for both upper case and lower case. We also want your child to know the sounds of the letters. It would be helpful if they know how to make sets of objects when given a number 0-10. We are looking for them to count to 30 and know their shapes-please remember a diamond shape is called a rhombus.

Also remember, we want to foster independence with dressing and undressing skills. Please make sure your child is putting on and off their coats and sweater by themselves.

With all of these homework suggestion tell them and reassure them- they can do it! In our classrooms we do "I can...statements to build self-esteem.

Important Dates

Tuesday January 5th

School resumes January 5th. Please have your child here.

Early Release January 15th

Please make arrangements for early release on January 15,2016.

Full Day Class will meet from 7:50AM-12:30PM

Both Half Day Classes will meet. AM group will be 7:50 am to 9:50

and PM Group is 10:30 to 12:30. Please be on time!

Teacher Contact Information

Mrs. Rosalind Freedenberg

AM/PM Half Day Pre-Kindergarten

Office 469-713-5180


For Text Messaging please e-mail teacher for instructions

Twitter Handle @Rfreedenberg

Mrs. Heather Castillo

Whole Day Pre-Kindergarten

Office 469-713-5180


Ms. Jordan Hurley

PPCD Teacher

Office 469-713-5180