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The Letter כ (CHAF)

כ (chaf) makes a "ch" sound which is created at the back of the mouth. כ happens to be in the same family as כּ (kaf). They are twins, but NOT identical. These family letters can be confusing so I created a cute story to help your child remember.

כּ (kaf) was not feeling well and had a sore throat, so he went to Nurse Wendy and she gave him a cough drop. His throat felt much better, and when he spoke he made a "k" sound. Now as we know, when one child gets sick so does the other. כ (chaf) also had a sore throat and went to Nurse Wendy, but she was all out of cough drops. So, when he spoke he made a "ch" sound because of his sore throat and mucus.

I know the mucus part is kind of gross, but these little clues within my story really help your child see the difference.

The letter ב (Vet)

Surprise! בּ (bet) has a twin too. בּ(bet's) twin is ב (vet). ב is almost identical to בּ (bet) but 2 things are different.

1.) ב (vet) makes a "v" sound

2.) ב (vet) does not have a belly button.

If you look closely, you can still tell they are in the same family because both have a back bench. I also like the idea of the belly button being vacuumed up. The kids loved the idea of all the twins!

THIS WEEK'S LETTER...(drumroll please): ד Dalet

ד makes a "d" sound and has a diving board. Once again, we had to use our eagle eyes to make sure that we didn't miss the diving board and mistake it for a ר (reish).

Words we learned that start with the letter ד:

Honey D-vash דבש

Door Deh-let דלת

Bee D-vo-rah דבורה

Flag Deh-gel דגל

Bear Dov דב

Fish Dag דג

Glue Deh-vek דבק

Hebrew Flashcards

Your child will be bringing home the flashcards to go with the letters listed above.(3 in total) Please continue to practice the flashcards, as I am noticing that they are helping us in our reading and activities.

This week in Judaics

This week in Judaics we studied חסד (chesed),kindness. We discussed the many ways we show חסד now, and how we can show it in the future. We also spent some time in the green screen room making an awesome video that you will see very soon. To help teach us this mitzvah, we read "Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary deed".
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Shabbat Shalom


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