Hero Project

By: Olivia Olson

What is a Hero?

What really is a hero? Is it a superhuman flying around in the world? Some believe that a hero is a savior, someone selfless, someone close to you, and someone reliable and always there; or is hero just a word. People have different opinions on what and who a hero is all over. A hero is a person who is greatly admired for great brave acts or fine qualities.

A hero is a soldier willing to risk their life and put others in front of themselves. Consider, millions of soldiers out in the world are fighting for others. Imagine like these soldiers, there are people that would do anything for the people they care about and don't put themselves into consideration. Soldiers are heroes because they sign up for a job that most people don't want and risk putting themselves in harms way just for the benefits for others. They are also going through hard work with no benefit for themselves. This is a hero, they have and are greatly admired for their great and fine acts.

A hero is someone you look up to. There are people all over that people look up to and they vary depending. For example, your hero may be a family member, friend, worker, a famous figure, or anything else. Consider a girl who is very close to her older sister. She may consider her as a hero because she played a huge role in her life and helped her become the person she is. Or it could be a friend who you look up to. That friend could have gone through a lot at times, but takes things as they come and still finds it in theirselves to be grateful for everything they have. The people you look up to are heroes because they do or have done things that are heroic. They also put others in front of themselves or they work hard to get to their goals in life. This is a hero, they have done great admirable acts and have fine qualities about themselves.

As one can see, both soldiers and people you look up to can be defined as a hero. Anyone who is greatly admired for great brave acts or fine qualities should be considered a hero. So to answer the beginning questions, yes a hero can be a superhuman flying around the world but deep down do they demonstrate these traits. Think about your own life. Who are your heroes? Are you a hero? After all, heroes depend on your opinions and your life.

Forever My Hero...

My uncle has always been a major part of my life. Bill Endre's occupation is a firefighter and has served 23 years at the Skokie Fire Department. He is very devoted to his carrier and his family.

If Only I Could've Met My Untouchable Hero..

A hero is a person who is greatly admired for great, brave acts or fine qualities. Hellen

Adams Keller is my untouchable hero. When she was at the age of nineteen months she was seriously affected by a severe fever that gave her the disability of no longer being able to see or hear. Helen Keller ended up through her determination graduating from Radcliffe College and devoted the rest of her life towards education and treatment for all handicapped individuals. She was a recipient of numeral humanitarian awards and citations, promoted organizations for the blind, informed the public, wrote a number of very well-received books, campaigned to improve conditions for the handicapped throughout the world, raised money, was able to convince the government to improve education for disabled children, helped veterans that were blinded in World War II, and there have been several films based on her life. Hellen Keller fits the criteria of a true hero through her determination and perseverance.

Hellen Keller is a true hero because of her determination and perseverance. Since Helen Keller had the disability of not being able to see or hear it limited her physical abilities. So once she started to take action it took a great deal of time and perseverance. When Ann Sullivan taught Helen the manual alphabet she spent hours each day working. From that time forward, she learned to express herself through the manual alphabet and by reading alphabet. Adding on, she eventually learned to speak and enjoyed studying history, mathematics, literature, astronomy, and physics. "Sullivan knew from her own experience that firmness and determination would be required to teach the undisciplined, though intelligent, Helen" (Gale Biography In Content). Without her determination and perseverance to keep going, her curiosity would not be insatiable and she wouldn't have the patience to do the almost impossible. It is because of her fine qualities that makes her a hero.

My uncle Bill Endre is my personal hero because of his brave acts. Bill Endre's profession is a firefighter which means he risks his life for others and helps others without much benefit to himself. Helen Keller and Bill Endre are both true heroes to me. This is because they both fit my definition of a hero. Helen Keller is greatly admired for her fine qualities; Bill Endre is greatly admired for his brave acts. Going along with this, they both do or have done things for the benefit for others. Helen Keller has had so many amazing accomplishments and most of those were for other people with disabilities. For example, she promoted organizations, informed the public, improved conditions for the handicapped, raised money, convinced the government to improve education for disabled children, and helped veterans that were blinded in World War II. Bill Endre has a carrier where he helps others and will go to any extent. These two heroes, my personal and untouchable, can be compared to each other since they both fall under my definition of a hero.

If I ever got the chance to have spoken with Helen Keller there would be many things I would like to ask her. I might question how she had the courage and strength to be able to work with her disability and not give up along the way. I would ask this question or questions similar to this because I am baffled by how she had the determination and perseverance to have accomplish what she did. I believe that if she could give me a piece of advice she would say, "What is very difficult at first, if we keep on trying, gradually becomes easier" (Helen Keller). This advice would help me make sure I persevere in my life and work hard to accomplish my goals.

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