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10 Vital Questions You Must Ask While You Hire a Moving Company

Talking of relocation, it is not an uncommon thing in the USA and most often it is professional service that people prefer in order to move. However, it is also one of the services by which one may be taken for a ride if the homework hasn’t been done well enough. And the homework is to prepare a list of questions that need to be put to the company before it can be hired.

However, apart from asking these questions, one of the most initial steps should be to make a list of the service providers that you can consider and then take the moving companies quote from at least 4 or 5 of them. Why should this be done? Because one is most likely to notice that different companies provide different quotes for the same services. This is going to be the first stage of decision making. When done with that, these are the questions, answers of which should be elicited from the moving service.

  1. “What all services are included in the price that you have quoted?”

  2. “Is your company insured? Can I have your insurance company’s name and your policy number?

  3. “How safe will my goods be during transit? What safety measures do you have to keep my stuff safe?”

  4. “Do you own package and moving equipment, or do you hire another contractor for that? If yes, let me know about it, the name, the work record, references, etc.”

  5. “After the moving is done, who gives me the rest of the services like unpacking, reassembling and installing? Do you do it? Or do you have a contract with a third-party? If you do, I’d like to know about it.”

  6. “Is your mode of transport made especially for moving? Suppose if it rains, will my stuff be prevented from getting spoiled?”

  7. “In case any of your workmen gets injured, do you have provisions that cover his compensation? Do you make sure that I don’t have to pay it?”

  8. “Do you have a policy of placement value protection? What is you compensation policy just in case any damage is caused to my goods?”

  9. “Are you permitted to go interstate? Do have the necessary documents or license for it? Or is it me who needs to arrange for them?”

  10. “What are the terms of payment? Do you sign a document that mentions all the charges that I owe you for the services that you will provide me with, along with all the terms and time of payment?”

Apart from these 10 questions, one may like to know about some more things if need be. These are:

  • Discount: It is usually good know certain things over and above the really essential. Asking about a discount is one of them. It is usually about talking things out in a persuasive manner. Odds are that one may miss out on a discount just because they didn’t ask for it.

  • Moving Boxes: There can be different cases in this aspect. It would be good if one knows what kind of boxes the company considers compatible with their techniques of storage and moving.

  • Extra Services: One may also inquire if the company also provides any extra services along with relocation moving services. Chances are that one may need them in the process of relocation. Subsequently, the charges may also be inquired about.
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