Join the Healthy Cowboy Challenge!

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The Healthy Cowboy challenge is a program created by Jodie Deinhammer to help educate the teachers and students involved about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. A number of teachers will be selected through a simple application process to join a group of students and go through the health plan that they create. Through this 12 week program, students will meet with their teacher on a weekly basis to observe their progress. During this meeting, students will record the blood pressure and heart rate, weight, hydration level, body fat, and lean muscle mass of the teacher to see how their plan improves their overall health.

In previous years, teachers who were a part of this program saw massive improvements to their health and some even made changes in their lifestyle! Living healthy is often difficult to maintain with all of the stresses of everyday life, but this event has proven to help make it much easier. With the guidance of students, clients will gain motivation, accountability, and health and wellness tips throughout the process to make sure that the experience will be truly life changing!

Healthy Cowboy Challenge

Monday, Jan. 20th, 9pm

185 West Parkway Boulevard

Coppell, TX

Results From Previous Years

In 2012...

75% of clients decreased blood pressure

65% of clients decreased resting heart rate

82% of clients improved hydration

34 total inches lost in the waist

53% total fat percentage lost

168 pounds total lost