By : Aubree Conway

Capital: Sucre

Sucre is the capital of Bolivia. Sucre is a beautiful place.

Some of the major cities in Bolivia are Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, La Paz and El Alto.

Bolivia was controlled by another country: Spaniards . They gained independence on August 6, 1825. Bolivia is not controlled anymore.

There flag represents the war and Bolivian coat of arms.

Red: Bolivias brave soldiers.

Yellow: The nations mineral deposit.

Green: Fertility rate.

3 physical features of Bolivia.

Lake Titicaca, La Paz and Andes Mountains.

Bolivias government.

Bolivia has a unitary state government and there leader is Evo Morales.

Bolivias economic information.

There currency is Bolivian Boliviano. They have the 95th largest economy

Tourist information.

People should visit Bolivia because there's fascinating history, the food is and looks great, there are thousands of species of animals and many sights to admire. While they are in Bolivia they could go and visit La Paz and see the great view of colonial architecture, go bike riding on the North Yungas Road or even go climb the Andes Mountains

Bolivias official language

Bolivias official language is Spanish.